You won’t be able to do that in Messenger anymore

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You won't be able to do that in Messenger anymore

A long time ago, WhatsApp made it possible to send messages that can only be opened once and then destroyed on their own. What serves as a practical function if you want to share important details that you don’t want anyone else to see can be bypassed with a screenshot. This will soon come to an end.

WhatsApp blocks screenshot function

It has long been suspected that WhatsApp is working on a feature to block the ability to take a screenshot in the app if the message is self-deleting. This is actually there to protect your privacy. It’s just stupid that each recipient can simply take a screenshot of the message and forward it. Exactly that will soon come to an end. In a beta version of WhatsApp for Android can neither a screenshot nor a screen recording can be made for a self-deleting message. Only a black image appears:

This is known from many banking apps where it is not possible to take screenshots. Exactly these Blockade is now also implemented in WhatsApp for self-deleting messages. This creates a bit more privacy and should have been introduced when WhatsApp started the self-deleting messages.

These are the best WhatsApp alternatives:

WhatsApp cannot prevent every danger

Blocking the screenshot feature on self-deleting messages in WhatsApp is an important step. However, it is not yet known when the function will be activated for all users.

In addition, the fundamental problem remains that there can be no 100% protection against copying, similar to DRM content. Because if you get a self-deleting message, you can no longer take a screenshot under normal circumstances However, you can continue to photograph or film content with another smartphone, for example. The problem, known as the Analog Gap or Analog Hole, will never be solved by WhatsApp or anyone else. So you still have to trust your interlocutors when you send private content. Only one message is really certain Not to send.

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