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iOS 16 for the iPhone is ready: Apple announces the release date

The new Apple Watch Ultra costs a whopping 999 euros. If you don’t let the price put you off, you might want to save some money elsewhere. This is actually possible with the bracelets, because older ones are compatible with the Apple Watch Ultra.

Apple Watch Ultra: Older straps work

The Apple Watch Ultra just presented is anything but a bargain at 999 euros, but it also offers more. Since the case has grown to 49 mm, some interested parties are probably wondering how the bracelets are ordered. Here’s good news: If you already own an Apple Watch with a case size of 45 mm, you don’t need to get a new strap for the Apple Watch Ultra.

According to Apple, “most bracelets” can also be used with the ultra smartwatch, as long as they are 45mm straps. This also applies to the tapes in the Solo Loop series (source: Caschys Blog).

Customers benefit from the compatibilitywho already own a larger Apple Watch. Everyone else can also opt for an older bracelet, but there is no price advantage.

More about the Apple Watch Ultra in the video:

Apple Watch Ultra trailer

Standing together with the Apple Watch Ultra three “specialized” bracelets under the name Alpine Loop, which have a Velcro fastener. According to Apple, this is the thinnest band that has ever been on an Apple Watch. Alternatively, customers can opt for the Ocean bracelet, which, according to Apple, can play to its strengths especially in the water. The band can be used over a wetsuit, among other things.

Apple Watch Ultra in advance

The Apple Watch Ultra is available to purchase now (see Apple). It will then be officially available from September 23rd. Next to one larger sapphire crystal display a titanium case is available. With normal use, the battery should last up to 36 hours, but according to Apple, up to 60 hours are also possible with the new power-saving mode.

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