Wow, Bad News from Apple About iPhone 14, What’s Up?

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DENPASARUPDATE.COM – There is bad news from Apple.Inc regarding the iPhone 14 series which is planned to be distributed on September 16, 2022. Check out more info here.

Quoted from various sources, inflation and global recession were recorded in several countries. Surprise for the US market, the iPhone 14 costs the same as the iPhone 13. The iPhone 14 starts at US$799 (Rp. 11.8 million) and the iPhone 14 Pro Max is priced at US$1,099 (Rp. 16.3 million).

Apple in China is also keeping its prices down. The iPhone 14 is priced at 5,899 yuan (Rp 12.6 million) and the Pro Max model 8,999 yuan (Rp 19.2 million).

But it turns out there is bad news in several other country markets. There will be a significant increase in prices due to the impact of inflation and the global recession.

1. UK Market Share

– iPhone 14 is priced at 849 pounds (Rp 14.5 million)

– iPhone 14 Pro Max reportedly up 150 pounds (Rp 2.5 million) from last year’s model

2. Australian Market Share

– iPhone 14 is priced at 1,399 Australian dollars (Rp 14.1 million)

3. Japan’s Market Share

– iPhone 14 is priced at 119,800 (Rp 12.3 million)

According to analysts, the reason for the increase may be an increase in component costs and an appreciation of the US dollar in other currencies in countries where Apple is raising prices.***

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