When it comes to TV size, Germans have a clear preference

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When it comes to TV size, Germans have a clear preference
When it comes to smart TVs, 50 inches and more are the trend. (Image source: Medion)

In Germany, the proportion of smart TVs has increased again. 2.7 million televisions were sold this year by the end of July, almost all of them with smart functions. There is now a preference for size, but even larger smart TVs are on the rise.

Smart TVs: 50 inches and more in trend

The market research institute GfK has presented new figures for TV use in Germany. So lie Smart TVs with a screen diagonal of 50 inches and more clearly trending. A total of 55 percent of the televisions sold in Germany are of this size.

But the end of the road has not yet been reached, because even bigger TVs are also becoming more popular. More than 20 percent of buyers have now opted for a model with at least 65 inches.

In the maximum resolution of the best sellers differences still prevail. Three out of four of the devices purchased so far this year are Ultra HD-capable, 99 percent of which support High Dynamic Range (HDR). After all, 83 percent master not only static HDR standards but also dynamic HDR processes such as HDR10+ and Dolby Vision. Year-on-year, the figure has increased by 3 percent.

Of the Share of smart TVs in the total television market has continued to grow. A full 96 percent of televisions sold by the end of July 2022 have intelligent functions. A year ago it was 94 percent. A clear difference becomes clear in comparison with 2018, here only around three out of four televisions were smart (source: Caschys Blog).

What should be considered when buying a TV? The answer in the video:

97 inch: World’s largest OLED TV presented

The manufacturer LG has just proven that it can also be much larger than 50, 55 or 60 inches. At the IFA 2022 in Berlin, LG has the 97G2 in its luggage, which is based on a diagonal of 97 inches or 2.46 meters comes. He should be offered for around 25,000 euros.

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