What customers could expect from the all-round offer

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What customers could expect from the all-round offer

Disney is more than just the Disney+ streaming service. Film studios are just as much part of the group as amusement parks, there are fan articles for practically all brands and many other branches of business that not everyone is familiar with. Following the example of Amazon Prime, Disney is working on a complete package for customers.

Disney wants to put together an all-round carefree package

Disney has found rapid success with its streaming service. Disney+ may not be as big as Amazon’s Netflix or Prime Video, but it still has millions of subscribers. The parent company obviously likes the model, because behind the scenes Disney is said to be working on a much broader subscription.

According to The Wall Street Journal, this is already called internally, based on Amazon’s offer Disney Prime (via The Verge). A Disney Prime membership could open up many additional offers for customers: Disney includes the well-known ones amusement parks also several holiday resortsa line for cruises, some TV station as well as various franchises and their trademark rights.

Check out the Disney+ offer

For example Star Wars, Marvel and Pixar, plus the well-known Disney characters. For Prime members at Disney would be exclusive offers conceivable for merchandise items. General promotions for members only, which relate to practically all areas of the company, including raffles or access to the productions of the Disney Theatrical Group, which is responsible for the successful musical The Lion King, for example. Several music labels also belong to Disney, with which, among other things, successful, some former Disney child stars are under contract.

The latest MCU production on Disney+ is She-Hulk:

She-Hulk: The Lawyer – German Trailer from Disney+

Role model Amazon? Everything is still open at Disney Prime

However, nothing has been decided yet. Kristina Schake, Disney’s chief public relations officer and vice president, confirmed to WSJ that Disney membership is being considered as a possible future offering. But: “A membership program is just one of the exciting ideas we’re exploring.” When it could come, what would be included, at what price and whether the offer should actually be called Disney Prime is still open.

Whether such a Disney subscription would be an option for customers should also be decided by what is included and does it offer any real added value? Discounted admission to Disney Land would only benefit customers who can get there relatively easily. The integration of Disney+ would at least be desirable, so that customers worldwide can benefit from it (see Disney+ offer).

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