We set up our home cinema

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We set up our home cinema

Not every day you have the opportunity to set up a new home cinema. We had them and used them: In our video you can see which TV and which sound system we chose for our small home cinema setup at work and how the devices ultimately work together.

Set up and connected: The home cinema technology in detail

The heart of our setup is the Samsung QN95B. A TV with NeoQLEDwhose Backlight made of mini LEDs consists. Compared to the classic Samsung QLED, this ensures smaller exposure zones and thus fewer “halo” effects, in which dark areas “glow” due to the activated backlight.

The Samsung television can convince with the colors, the contrast and the brightness values. However, we recommend making a few settings: If you like watching films and series, you should deactivate the “Intelligent mode” and switch to the “Movie” picture mode. That made for the best movie experience for us.

55″ Neo QLED 4K QN95B (2022) now from €1,645.00 at Amazon

The price may be higher now. Price from 09/30/2022 21:26

You don’t have to worry about choosing the right picture mode when playing games. Connected consoles – like our PlayStation 5 – are automatically recognized gaming mode is activated automatically. This ensures low latencies.

When connecting the TV for our home cinema, we encountered a Samsung-specific feature. The connections are missing on the back, instead they have been placed in the so-called “One Connect box“ outsourced.
This box then has power, HDMI, USB, an optical sound output and all other connections that you could need for the television. The highlight: The box itself is only connected to the television with a cable. In this way, the cables can be neatly routed and hidden.

4.1 sound system: Teufel Cinebar 11 with subwoofer and satellites

Anyone who still thinks of meter-long coils with loudspeaker cables when thinking of surround systems can calm down: There are not many cables to lay with the Teufel Cinebar. The sound system works largely wireless. Only power needs to be present at the subwoofer and speaker locations. The speaker are linked by radio.

As wireless as it is currently possible: subwoofers and satellite speakers communicate wirelessly with the Teufel Cinebar, the speakers only need electricity. (Image source: GIGA)
View the Cinebar 11 Surround 4.1 Set at Teufel

Your own home cinema: The question of price

Our setup isn’t exactly cheap: the Samsung television currently costs 1,699 euros, and the Teufel sound system currently costs 649.99 euros. These are by no means expenses that every household – especially in the current time – can easily afford. But then you have an extremely powerful setup that we consider to be extremely future-proof and which you will have fun with for a few years.

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