watchOS 9 Crushes Spotify Streaming, Apple Watch Users Urged Not to Update

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watchOS 9 Crushes Spotify Streaming, Apple Watch Users Urged Not to Update

Apple Watch owners who stream music from Spotify have been urged not to update their devices to watchOS 9 due to a bug that caused streaming on the watch to stop working.

Spotify has emailed its users warning about the issue, which started appearing soon after Apple released watchOS 9‌ to the public on Monday. The message from the company reads:

Apple WatchOS 9 introduced a bug that caused Spotify streaming on Apple Watch to stop working. We urge Spotify Apple Watch users not to install the WatchOS 9 update until Apple implements a fix for this issue. Affected users can download their content to their Apple Watch and listen offline or stream from their phone.

According to user reports, streaming on Apple Watch stops working within the first minute, but the track progress bar keeps moving, minus the audio only. Problems occur with Wi-Fi and cellular connections, but no issues with Spotify media downloaded to Apple Watch.

Apple seeded the first beta of watchOS 9.1 to developers on Wednesday, and there are unverified reports that point release fixes Spotify streaming issues. However, Apple didn’t mention this issue in its release notes so users won’t know for sure until Apple rolls out the next Apple Watch update to the public.

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