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Vodafone disruption – there are problems here today

Vodafone is giving its television stations in the cable network a complete overhaul: the stations are being assigned new frequencies. The starting signal has already been given. In the coming weeks and months it will continue across Germany. Now Vodafone has revealed the schedule for the first cities.

TV frequencies at Vodafone: These cities are up until November

At Vodafone, work on the cable network has started in the first places. The TV stations that Vodafone distributes via the coaxial network are assigned new frequencies. Normally, this technical change shouldn’t even be noticed by customers who get their cable television through Vodafone. Despite it As a Vodafone TV customer, you should know when the time has come. The provider has now announced this – at least for some major cities.

Vodafone has already made a start in Nuremberg, where the conversion of the TV transmission frequencies has begun. Next in line are:

  • Munich: from September 6th
  • Bremen: 7th of September
  • Leipzig: from September 20th
  • Berlin: from September 22nd
  • Mainz: October 13
  • meal: October 19
  • Dusseldorf: the 20th of October
  • Hamburg: from October 25th
  • Dresden: October 26th
  • Hanover, Stuttgart and Saarbrucken: from or on November 9th

The changeover takes place at night in order to affect as few customers as possible. In order for the channel change to work, you should Leave your router and, if applicable, your giga-TV-Box plugged in overnight, Vodafone said in a statement. Especially if you want to save electricity at the moment, you should ignore your habits for one night.

With current combination routers from Vodafone or Giga TV hardware, the process should run automatically and then a channel search should be carried out without your intervention. However, third-party devices or older hardware may require your intervention. Then start a channel search manually on the day after the changeover date.

Haven’t found the right TV yet? We help you decide:

Faster Internet at Vodafone: This is how customers should benefit

The conversion will standardize the frequency spectrum, explains Lars Riedel, Head of TV and Entertainment at Vodafone. The cable network is to become more efficient as a result, including cable Internet customers benefit from higher data rates.

The frequency rearrangement should not change anything in the standard order of the channels. However, if you use a specially created favorites list, you should then take the time and rearrange the channels. Vodafone customers can use a search portal to find their respective Request an appointment using the address (view at Vodafone). In addition, Vodafone will write to you in good time before the change is made to you.

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