Tips for Buying an Expensive Domain Can Be Profitable

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Domains have a price range from tens of thousands to millions, even up to trillions.

Qwords friends ever know the domain the price is above 5 trillion.

The domain actually only uses the .COM TLD domain extension which costs 135,000/year only at

So what can make it that expensive?

In order not to be curious, we will discuss tips on buying an expensive domain that can make a lot of profit.

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Causes of Expensive Domains

If we compare, the price of .ID domains is more expensive than .COM domains.

The current price for .ID domains is IDR 225,000/year, while .COM domains are around 135,000/year at

There is about a difference of IDR 90,000/year, if you have many domains, just multiply it.

Here are some causes of expensive domains:

  1. Capital and operational costs

To be able to register a new domain extension, you need to incur monthly capital and operational costs.

For example a DNS root machine that is connected to many Internet Service Providers.

  1. Number of domains managed

The more domains you manage, the cheaper the domain name registration fee will be.

Data from Verisign there are currently around 161 million more registered .COM domains in the world.

Meanwhile, data from PANDI shows that there are more than 648 thousand registered domain IDs.

  1. Economies of scale

Economies of scale are reduced costs that must be paid when production increases.

For example, the .COM domain has a large number of users, so the domain registration fee can be cheaper.

  1. Taxes and government regulations

Because they are in Indonesia, all must comply with taxes and regulations made by the government.

For example, now there is an additional 11% VAT for every domain name purchase.

  1. Promotion fee

The .COM domain has become a popular domain, there is no need for a budget for promotion, it already has many users.

While the .ID domain is still relatively new, being traded in 2014.

So it still requires promotion of this domain extension, as well as what are its advantages.

  1. Development costs

Because it is still in a new stage, the .ID domain still requires large development costs in the future.

  1. ICANN fee

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is a global internet government agency tasked with managing internet infrastructure (IP addresses, domain names, root servers).

Every domain extension registered, there is a fee that must be incurred by the domain registrar.

  1. Profit margin

The cause of the last expensive domain in terms of the desired profit margin.

The greater the profit margin sought will have an impact on the more expensive domain prices.

In addition to the eight causes of expensive domains, there are several reasons that cause domains to be expensive.

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Reasons for Expensive Domain Prices

There are several reasons why domains can become increasingly expensive. Although domain extensions are cheap, domain names can be expensive.

The following is a discussion of the reasons for expensive domain prices:

Premium domains are domains that have little character.

The shorter the character of the domain, the more expensive the registration price.

Example domain .ID 2 characters, the price is about 485 million / year.

If the domain name you are looking for has already been purchased by someone else, then the price can become more expensive.

Like it or not, you have to negotiate with the domain owner whether they are willing to be acquired or not.

Now at Qwords as a domain provider, we have a Domain Negotiator service, just send us the domain and then we will negotiate the price for the targeted domain.

Domains containing keywords usually have a higher price.

Domains like this are intentionally parked and sold on domain auction services.

The selling price is clearly more expensive than a regular domain.

Some unique domain extensions are more expensive than popular domains like .COM.

For example, the .DIGITAL extension, which is suitable for agency websites, costs IDR 459,000/year.

Domains that have authority and backlinks from large websites are the target of aged domain hunters.

Domains like this have a great effect for website SEO purposes.

So, so that you don’t buy the wrong domain, it’s already expensive, but buying the wrong one will cost you a lot.

Tips for Buying an Expensive Domain

The expensive domain category can be taken from the price of an expensive domain extension per year or the domain is in the premium category.

Here are tips for buying an expensive domain that you can practice:

1. Take advantage of domain promos

First, tips on buying an expensive domain is to take advantage of a domain registration promo.

You can just check at several domain providers who knows there is a massive domain name promo.

Well this way you can get a discount on the initial price of the domain.

2. Choose the appropriate extension

For example, you run a digital agency and want to create a website.

If the popular .COM domain extension is already being used by someone else, you can use as an alternative.

The domain name is “agency” and the domain extension is “.digital”, so the name you use is representative of a company.

Just do branding and promotion so that your website is easily found by users via the Internet.

3. Avoid domains registered with IPR

Avoid domains that are already registered with Intellectual Property Rights, for example from big brands.

Later, if you have a problem domain, it is clear that you will lose, because the domain name has already been registered with IPR.

For that make sure before buying an expensive domain, the domain name is safe and has not been registered as a brand.

4. Check the domain archives

Tips on buying a domain by checking the domain archive.

The goal is to avoid expensive domain names that are ex-gambling websites, spam or ex-deindex.

Do a check on and check out screenshots of what the website looks like in recent years.

5. Choose a trusted domain provider

Finally, the tips for buying an expensive domain is to buy a domain provider that is already trusted.

Qwords has been a domain name and hosting provider since 2005, until 2022 this means that it has been around for more than 17 years.

It is recorded that there are more than 65,000 customers who entrust their website to the best services from

How did you get the domain name you were looking for?

By applying these tips in addition to getting an expensive domain at a cheaper price, you can get many other benefits.

Your business will be increasingly recognized by customers and your website can be easily found in search engines.

As a result, business turnover increases and profits increase.

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