This is how the gas price is made up

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This is how the gas price is made up

The gas price is currently a sensitive issue in Germany. There is currently only one way for the price and it leads steeply upwards. Payments on account literally explode and multiply. But what is the composition of the gas price that we have to pay? Exactly this question was betrayed by my energy supplier, who now has to double the prices.

This is how the gas price is made up

Since Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, gas has become one of the most important issues in Germany. At the beginning of the year it was still relatively cheap, since it was available in abundance in almost unlimited quantities, but that has now changed. Gas has stopped flowing from Russia and replacement is expensive. So expensive that prices on the gas exchanges explode. Energy suppliers have to pass these price jumps on to customers, otherwise it doesn’t work. But how is the gas price actually composed? My energy supplier in Wilhelmshaven has published a graphic in which every single point of the gas price is detailed:

This is how the gas price of GEW Wilhelmshaven is made up. (Image source: GEW/nwzonline)

The energy supplier can only influence 46.3 percent of the gas price himself. The rest comes from the state, such as sales tax, energy tax and other levies and levies that the energy supplier cannot influence and that automatically increase when the gas price increases. According to the GEW Wilhelmshaven, the Purchase price for gas increased fifteenfold in a very short time.

Electricity costs can be reduced with a balcony power plant:

Gas price is doubled

Accordingly, the Double gas prices in our city too (Source: local26). While that’s bad, it’s still not as bad as it is in other regions, where it can also quadruple the price. Accordingly, one should now deal with the topic of saving at the latest. With the right settings for the gas heater, you can get a lot out of it.

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