This is how much the new music subscription should cost

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This is how much the new music subscription should cost

Spotify has been planning a music subscription with better sound quality for some time. Now a survey points to the new price for “Spotify Platinum” – and it has washed up compared to the normal subscription. After all, the other subscription prices should not change.

Spotify: “Platinum” subscription for $19.99?

Rumors have been circulating for over a year that Spotify might launch a new subscription for music lovers who appreciate better sound quality. Now the music streaming provider has asked some of its users if they could imagine Switch to Spotify Platinum in the “next 30 days”. (Source: nearlymind on Reddit).

Although Spotify hasn’t officially announced the new subscription yet, users surveyed are already seeing a price: The Platinum subscription will cost $19.99. In Germany, 19.99 euros could be due if Spotify decides to also offer the subscription in this country.

In addition to a hi-fi option, the platinum version should still more benefits for playlists and the music library Offer. Spotify has not yet revealed how they are specifically designed. In addition, a “headphone tuner” is to be provided. Own podcasts with less advertising are also promised.

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Spotify: Hi-Fi audio costs extra

The music streaming provider knew that Spotify wanted to introduce a hi-fi option already announced in February 2021. Originally, Hi-Fi Audio was supposed to hit the market last year, but was then indefinitely postponed.

In the Competition from Apple Music and Amazon Music a hi-fi option is already available, a surcharge is no longer required here. Both companies have been offering them at no additional cost since May 2021. Deezer has also waived a surcharge since February 2022. Google and Napster, on the other hand, don’t offer a Hi-Fi option.

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