These companies attach great importance to sustainability

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These companies attach great importance to sustainability

A new study on the most innovative brands of 2022 in terms of sustainability has revealed that Germany still has a lot of work to do. In the top 10 almost exclusively American companies can be found. Only Siemens made it into the top 20.

BCG: New ranking on innovation and sustainability

The management consultancy BCG has its new Ranking of the most innovative companies in the world released. “Innovative” is to be understood here in such a way that climate and sustainability are regarded as one of the highest priorities. The list primarily includes American companies, but some from South Korea, Japan and China also made it into the top 10.

According to BCG, many of the companies are among the first to register Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Principles have embraced and committed to decarbonization. Apple is at the top, followed by Microsoft and Amazon. Alphabet (Google) and Tesla follow in the next places. With Samsung, the first South Korean company is in sixth place.

The BCG ranking of the most innovative companies:

The new BCG ranking on innovation and sustainability. (Image source: BCG)

Moderna, Huawei, Sony and IBM can be found in places seven to ten. As the highest newcomer, Nvidia made it to 15th place. That first German company Siemens is in 20th place. German continues in 25th and 26th place with Zalando and Bosch. Adidas (35) and SAP (40) are also on the list.

We can also make a personal contribution to climate protection:

BCG: Climate as a top priority

Two-thirds of the companies that took part in the 2022 Global Innovation Survey ranked climate and sustainability as one of the top priorities a. Above all, companies in areas that are responsible for the highest emissions give the highest priority to the topics of climate and sustainability (source: BCG).

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