These are the YouTube Alternative Apps You Should Know!

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These are the YouTube Alternative Apps You Should Know!

Currently YouTube is streaming platform the most popular video by internet users around the world, including you, of course. So far recorded, YouTube has more than 2 billion active users. However, that doesn’t mean there’s only YouTube as a streaming platform videos. Platforms You can find YouTube alternatives and use them for free or paid. Then, anything platform this YouTube alternative? Check out the discussion in this article, DomaiNesians!

What is a video streaming platform?

Before knowing anything more platform alternative YouTube, it would be better if you first understand what it is streaming platform videos. So, platform this is a means for users to be able to watch the videos provided without having to download the video file. Of course users must be connected to the internet to be able to watch videos.

If understood technically, the process streaming video and audio is the same as other data, namely by breaking video and audio data into data packets. Each package contains a small piece of file, and an audio or video player in browser on the user’s device takes a stream of data packets and interprets it as video or audio. Well, now is the time for you to know anything platform alternative YouTube as you can read below

YouTube alternative platform

After you understand the meaning streaming platform video, it’s time for you to watch platform anything that you can use to stream videos, of course, as an alternative to YouTube or it can be a substitute application for YouTube.


Source: UseeTV

Platforms or the first YouTube-like app is UseeTV. This is platform made in Indonesia so that the user market that uses it is mostly Indonesian citizens. Decreased interest in watching television is the main goal platform This is to provide easy streaming access for family viewing in Indonesia.

You can watch various video genres through platform this is like actiondrama, Hollywood, local Indonesian content, children’s content, comedy, and Bollywood.


UseeTV provides various features in its application. Among them are television shows, both local and international, which you can access here. In addition, you can watch various videos uploaded by creators such as sports shows, news, series and many others. One thing that is interesting on this platform is that you can see various events organized like talk show, podcasts and more. Like most streaming platform videos, UseeTV available in free and paid versions (premium).


youtube alternative
Source: Video

As an alternative platform for YouTube, the next is Video. For those of you football fans at home and abroad, of course you are no stranger to football platform this. Apps like YouTube have always been partner football and other sports lovers for live stream sports matches. But not only sports competitions, platform It also provides various types and genres of video shows that are always available up to date.


Video is one platform YouTube alternative that is quite complete in providing video viewing options. Sports shows, children’s content, TV showanime, until entertainment available in platform this. The types of services offered are free services and paid services for more complete viewing content.


youtube alternative
Source: Dailymotion

The next YouTube alternative is named Dailymotion. You could say this is platform or a pretty decent YouTube replacement app. In platform this the user will be presented with a selection of first-class videos so that platform it’s worth your visit.


As in streaming platform video in general, Dailymotion offers various categories of videos that can be watched by users. Some of them are related categories news, entertainment, sports, and music. Relax, to use platform With this, you don’t need to spend money to subscribe or it’s free!


youtube alternative
Source: TED

Well, this is an interesting one as a YouTube alternative that you should try! TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a platform which provides various video content related to business, health, culture, technology, entertainmentdesign, and more. Platforms this is an inspirational forum for its users to find ideas to develop ideas. Understandably, the speakers present in this video content are influential people in their fields. Call it Bill Gates to Jeff Bezos was a speaker at TED.

However platform This is difficult to say as a substitute application for YouTube. Why is that? Yes, TED has a more specific user segment. With a fairly serious discussion, the user segment is more directed at academics and researchers.


Various interesting features are found in platform this. Some of them are TED TalkPodcasts, Conferences, to various events important held by platform this. Access services provided on platform it’s free to paid content called membership.


youtube alternative
Source: Twitch

For the gamersthis might be platform or an app like the familiar YouTube. Yes, Twitch is streaming platform content-focused videos games although some content also discusses other creative content such as music. It’s not wrong if platform this is a replacement application for YouTube, especially video content games. For you fans gamesof course you should try Twitch!


Features given in platform this is the same as streaming platform Another video is video categorization by type. In addition, features are also available live videos that can be used by users gamers show the game live live to the audience.


youtube alternative
Source: Netflix

Wow, this must be very familiar to you. Netflix Becomes platform next as an alternative to YouTube. Netflix in one platform which is quite widely used, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic attacking the world. Streaming platforms videos that focus on film content and series This video is a prima donna for local Indonesian and international film connoisseurs. Thousands of films with various genres are available in platform this.


Netflix makes it easy to be accessed on various device like mobile apps, browsersuntil smart tv so that it allows users to watch netflix shows with their beloved family.


youtube alternative
Source: Odysee

The next YouTube replacement application is Odysee. In fact platform this is not much different from YouTube or streaming platform other videos. The difference is at the same time an interesting thing for platform this is that platform it runs completely on protocol blockchain called LBRY so as a creator if you’re smart enough to build apps using the protocol, you can achieve some interesting things with platform this.


The features offered are only a selection of videos that you can choose based on the category in each video. Odysee provides this service to users free of charge.

Nimo TV

youtube alternative
Source: Nimo TV

Again for the gamers here! In addition to the previously discussed Twitch, Nimo TV this is an application like YouTube which also provides a variety of video content that discusses games. Platforms this can be a YouTube alternative to enjoy video content about games even live streaming game the most updates.


In platform In this way, users can enjoy video content by selecting the various categories provided. In addition, users can also watch live streaming and Esports matches.


youtube alternative
Source: Hotstar

For film lovers, Hotstar this can also be an alternative to YouTube as well as an alternative streaming platform videos other than Netflix. You could say the same as Netflix, platform this is only distinguished by the content available and also the subscription fee.


Platforms It provides a wide variety of film genres. You don’t have to worry about running out of movies to watch because platform It provides thousands of films that are ready to accompany your day. To be able to enjoy content on Hotstar, you must subscribe first.


youtube alternative
Source: RCTI+

Of course you are familiar with this name. Yes, platform this indeed comes from a local television station that expands its potential to digital content and the internet. RCTI+ can be an alternative to YouTube, especially for Indonesian citizens. Local TV broadcasts from various channels are available in platform this.


No need to worry if you miss your favorite television broadcast because with RCTI+ you can replay broadcasts that have been broadcast. Naturally platform It also provides features live streaming and various events which is held.

More Options To Stream!

Well, now you know a lot about various streaming platform video as a YouTube alternative. You can use it based on what you are looking for. Which YouTube replacement platform or application will you use? Whatever platform that you use, make sure the content you watch is positive and useful content, yes! You can also get various content from Domainesia which is certainly interesting and certainly useful.

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