The Shape is So Beautiful, Serve This Apple Rose Tart for Various Special Occasions

by -144 Views – Admit it or not, the appearance greatly affects the appeal of a food. This is because before starting to try it, the eye will first see the dish. If it is so interesting, it will usually be automatically moved to try it.

This is what can be found from the Apple Rose Tart. This special cake made by Cookies Crafty has a very beautiful appearance, so it is really suitable as the main dish in various special events.

Beautifully decorated like roses

As the name suggests, this Apple Rose Tart has a very attractive appearance. Slices of apple arranged in a circle and placed on top of the pie, to resemble a rosebud.

Although not decorated in various ways, Cookies Crafty’s creativity is able to produce a cake that looks so aesthetic. In fact, it looks more like an artisan cake, because it’s so beautiful.

Made From Premium Materials

new delicious sweet

©Sweet and Delicious/Cookies Crafty

Of course, to make such creations, it takes a lot of apples. Well, Cookies Crafty doesn’t choose just any apples, but those that are still fresh and of good quality.

Along with the apples used, Crafty Cookies also prepares other quality raw materials. There is salted caramel, vanilla custard, and pie crust. Interestingly, Cookies Crafty uses a gluten-free pie crust, so it’s not only delicious but also healthy.

The Taste Never Disappoints

Cookies Crafty has experience making this one creation, so their Apple Rose Tart never disappoints customers. Sliced ​​apples are cooked with salted caramel, until fully absorbed.

Only then, laid out on a pie crust that has been filled with vanilla custard and also salted caramel. When eaten, the pie crust is so soft with sweet and fresh apple slices. Whether it’s a birthday cake, social gathering or other special event, this Cookies Crafty Apple Rose Tart will not disappoint.

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