The new episode causes a shit storm – that’s why

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The new episode causes a shit storm – that's why

The TV show based on the PlayStation hit The Last of Us sets new standards for video game adaptations. After the third episode of the successful series, there are suddenly a lot of negative voices online. Warning: The following article contains spoilers for the episodes that have been released so far.

Lots of negative reviews for The Last of Us

The series adaptation of The Last of Us takes a surprising path in its third episode. For a large part of the term it works not at all about Joel and Ellie. Instead, viewers experience the emotional story of Bill and Frank.

According to review site IMDb, not everyone seems to like it. The episode, called Long, Long Time, comes at a Average rating of 7.9 out of 10 stars. While that’s still very good, it’s significantly lower than the rating of the first two episodes, which each received a 9.2. The distribution of the reviews is particularly striking. While 53 percent give 10 stars, 28 percent give a 1-star rating. (Source: IMDb)

Our colleagues from will show you the differences between the game and the series:

What is the reason for the many negative reviews?

A closer look at the reviews makes the situation clear pretty quickly. Many simply have a problem with one gay couplewho live together, grow old and have completely normal interactions. Yes, that includes two bearded men kissing.

Aside from clumsy homophobia, viewers also criticize that the episode allows too much freedom compared to the game. Attention spoilers: Bill and Frank take their own lives together in the TV series. In the game, Joel and Ellie meet the living Bill, who appears to have fallen out with Frank during the course of the apocalypse. Bill is a chilling example there because of his paranoid misanthropy.

The many 1-star ratings are also a sign that The Last of Us has fallen victim to review bombing. That also speaks for it high number of reviews. The third episode received almost as many reviews as the first two episodes combined. The Last of Us 2 was also showered with hate reviews. Metacritic has therefore introduced that reviews may only be submitted one day after release.

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