The best smartphones up to 500 euros

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The best smartphones up to 500 euros

With smartphones up to 500 euros, there are many future-proof models that convince with different strengths. But you can find out which cell phones are really worthwhile in our GIGA overview.

Granted: 500 euros is a steep price for a smartphone. Nevertheless, some cell phones in this price range have features that are otherwise available in even more expensive models – be it 5G mobile communications, a fast processor or a strong battery. Although you have to be prepared for weaknesses such as the lack of wireless charging or expandable storage, it is worth taking a look at this price range – the manufacturers Google, Nothing and Motorola are represented there. If you would like to bet on a future-proof mobile phone, we will show you the best smartphones up to 500 euros in our GIGA selection.

The best smartphones up to 500 euros at a glance

  • GIGA tip With the Google Pixel 6a (460 euros Cyberport) you can enjoy many pixel advantages, but you have to make a compromise.
  • price tip That Moto Edge 30 (425 euros at Saturn) is especially fun for gaming fans.
  • That Nothing Phone (1) (480 euros at Otto) stands out with its unusual design and impresses with its performance.
  • For the Xiaomi 11T Pro (470 euros at Cyberport) speaks above all about the rapid charging.

Google Pixel 6a: Cheap with a compromise

GIGA tip If you have been flirting with the Google Pixel 6 (see Saturn) for a long time, but are always afraid of the price, Google has the Pixel 6a launched a cheaper mid-range offshoot (check out Cyberport). But not only that: users also benefit from a Update guarantee over 5 yearsa strong performance and camera, the cell phone is also very handy with a display diagonal of 6.1 inches.

While it looks like the Google Pixel 6 on the outside, the inside of the Google Pixel 6a has some differences compared to its big brother (Image source: GIGA)

In his review of the Google Pixel 6a, however, our editor Peter criticizes the low refresh rate of 60 Hertz. Here Google has oriented itself downwards in contrast to the Google Pixel 6 with 90 Hertz – although there is a solution for this problem as well. This is simply not enough for a smartphone up to 500 euros. But: If you can get along with 60 Hertz, you get a smartphone with the Google Pixel 6a that can be seen for a long time.

Sarah Borner
Sarah Börner, GIGA editor, expert for consumer electronics (mobile) and sustainability.

I myself toyed with the idea of ​​buying the Google Pixel 6a instead of its big brother – after all, the Pixel 6 costs a lot. However, the low refresh rate turned me away from the Pixel 6a. Finally, I just bought the Google Pixel 6 used from Rebuy. If the desired smartphone is too expensive, second-hand is one cheap and above all sustainable alternative.


  • strong performance
  • good photo quality
  • long update guarantee
  • IP67 certification


Go to the Google Pixel 6a at Cyberport
screen 6.1 inch with 60Hz
Operating System & SoC Android 12 with Google Tensor Titan M2
Storage 128GB ROM, 6GB RAM

Are you unsure whether it should be a Pixel 6 or Pixel 6a? Then we have the right video for you here:

Moto Edge 30: The usual Motorola performance

price tip Our next model in our overview is this Moto Edge 30 (view at Saturn). As with almost all smartphones under 500 euros in our selection, you get a here colorful and sharp AMOLED display. Together with the high refresh rate of 144 Hertz, the smartphone delivers super performance, as you are used to from Motorola. The Moto Edge 30 is only more of a fair-weather camera when it comes to photo quality.

The Motorola Edge 30 offers equipment worth seeing for 450 euros (Image source: Motorola)

With its 6.5-inch display, the smartphone still has a handy size. The case is IP52 rated, which makes it (at least somewhat) dust and water repellent is. However, you have to do without expandable memory – the Moto Edge 30 is limited to just 128 GB of internal memory.


  • color-intensive AMOLED display
  • very good performance


  • no jack connection
  • no expandable storage
To the Moto Edge 30 at Saturn
screen 6.5 inch with 144 Hz
Operating System & SoC Android 12 with Snapdragon 778G+ 5G
Storage 128GB ROM, 8GB RAM

Are you still unsure when buying a smartphone? Then our GIGA guide will help you further:

Nothing Phone (1): Definitely an eye-catcher

The hype is over for the smartphone enthusiasts among you Nothing Phone (1) (look at Otto) certainly not passed by. But is it justified? Our editor Peter tested the mobile phone and his conclusion: yes. Of course, above all, do it the extraordinary design and practical features such as wireless charging. The cell phone with the IP53 certification is also protected from water and dust like the above models and you benefit from a long update guarantee.

A hand holds the smartphone Nothing Phone (1).  The back of the phone has a luminous pattern.  Violet light can be seen in the background.
The transparent back of the Nothing Phone (1) immediately catches the eye (Image source: GIGA)

However, there were always problems with the software, which caused the system to hesitate from time to time – be it when rotating the screen or changing the font color. Small things that need to be fixed with future updates. The battery isn’t perfect either: Although you can get through the day with it and the Nothing Phone can even be charged wirelessly, it takes a long time Charging process over 2 hours. Nevertheless: For a smartphone up to 500 euros, you can’t go wrong with the Nothing Phone (1).


  • extraordinary design
  • wireless charging
  • IP53 certification


  • small software weaknesses
  • too long charging
To the Nothing Phone (1) at Otto
screen 6.55 inch with 120Hz
Operating System & SoC Android 12 with Snapdragon 778G+
Storage 128GB ROM, 8-12GB RAM

Xiaomi 11T Pro: Fast charging

Although Qualcomm’s top chip Snapdragon 888 in the Xiaomi 11T Pro (view at Cyberport) is no longer brand new (the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 currently holds this position), in contrast to the Snapdragon 778G+ in the Moto Edge 30 and Nothing Phone (1), it has a decent amount of power. Along with the big one At least 8 GB of RAM and a refresh rate of 120 Hz it ensures good performance. You can’t complain about the camera with 108 MP resolution either – the results for photos and videos are convincing, only the lack of optical image stabilization makes a steady hand necessary.

The Xiaomi 11T Pro is fully charged again in a short time (Image source: GIGA)

What also makes a good impression is the battery: With a capacity of 5,000 mAh, it has the strongest battery (compared to the other models in our selection). Not only does it last a long time, but it also works with the included 120 W power supply unit Charged from 0 to 100% in less than half an hour. With all these top features, however, you have to do without a certified waterproof housing.


  • high-contrast AMOLED display
  • high performance
  • 5G cellular
  • high loading speed


  • no IP certification
  • no expandable storage
  • no wireless charging
Go to the Xiaomi 11T Pro at Cyberport
screen 6.67 inch with 120Hz
Operating System & SoC MIUI 12.5 (Android 11) with Snapdragon 888
Storage 128-256GB ROM, 8-12GB RAM

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Smartphones up to 500 euros: This is how the selection was made

Many mobile phone models compete with each other in this price category. Certain characteristics were an exclusion criterion for us, such as being too old. We based our tests partly on our own tests, but also on the results of other test sites. User ratings also influenced the selection. The latter were helpful because they didn’t judge based on benchmark numbers and other laboratory values ​​that didn’t say much, but instead emphasized individual impressions.

With our research we want to recommend you suitable products and avoid bad purchases. Your trust is important to us – that’s why you can rely on us. In a separate article you will learn how GIGA handles product recommendations and tests.

I myself have been dealing with mobile phones and smartphones for years. All generations have fascinated me, from the Nokia classics to the first clamshell and sliding cell phones to smartphones. Personally, not only technical innovations are important to me, but also sustainability.

Finally, a note on the prices: Strong price fluctuations are always to be expected for smartphones. As soon as a new generation appears, the previous series can quickly suffer a price drop, which means that models that were previously too expensive suddenly fit into your personal budget. Deal events such as Black Friday or Cyber ​​Monday also have a strong impact on prices. We keep you up to date on current offers in our deal overview, it’s worth checking out the daily offers regularly!

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