The battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra might make Apple shake

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The battery life of the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra might make Apple shake

Last updated: February 2, 2023 at 17:45 UTC+01:00

The Galaxy S23 series just keeps getting better and better. Early benchmarks show a jump in graphics performance, and a new leak suggests the phone has improved cooling. 8K video shooting doesn’t feel like a gimmick anymore, and on top of this, the battery life is reportedly excellent, on par with the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Reports abound that the Galaxy S22 Ultra, as great a phone as it could be (and still is), can’t keep up with the iPhone 14 Pro Max in terms of battery life. The Galaxy S23 Ultra that launched in Unpacked 2023 seems to have addressed this issue, although Samsung hasn’t increased the battery capacity from 5,000 mAh.

Based on @theralmedia, who claims to have used the Galaxy S23 Ultra for six days, battery life in real-world use matches that of the iPhone 14 Pro Max. And Samsung’s phones seem to hit the same screen as Apple’s best flagship phones.

The entire Galaxy S23 series can boast of great battery life

With the same battery capacity as the 2022 flagship, the Galaxy S23 Ultra may have achieved better autonomy through optimizations and the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, even though it is an overclocked version which churns out more performance than the standard SoC.

The good news is that the entire Galaxy S23 series uses the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, and what’s more, there is no more market division between Exynos and Qualcomm. This could very well mean that the base models of the Galaxy S23 and Plus can also achieve significantly longer battery life than the 2022 models, especially since they have larger batteries (by 200mAh) than the Galaxy S22 and S22+.

We’ll be testing the battery life and charging speed for three new Samsung flagships in our upcoming video, so make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel. For now, we can share our first impressions via the hands-on video below.

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