Special Year for iPad, Apple Releases iPadOS First

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Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Technology manufacturer Apple has confirmed that it has released the beta version of iPadOS 16.1 earlier than iOS. Apple claims, this is a special year for iPadOS as its own operating system for iPad.

“This is an important big year for iPadOS. As a platform in itself with features designed specifically for the iPad, we have the flexibility to release iPadOS on its own schedule. This fall, iPadOS will be released after iOS, as version 16.1 in the form of a free software update.” Apple wrote in a statement to Tech Crunch.

This move is unusual for Apple, which usually releases iPadOS almost at the same time as iOS since it first launched in 2019. In other words, Apple will skip the release of iPad OS version 16.0 this fall and go straight to version 16.1.

That means, the first version of iPad OS will be released to non-beta users after the arrival of the first iOS 16 version. Observers predict, it is intended that version 16.1 of the two operating systems will be released simultaneously, although Apple has not confirmed the speculation.

Citing Engadget, one of the features in this beta release of iPadOS 16.1 is the Stage Manager. That is a feature for the iPad powered by the M-1 chip, which gives users more control over the application window.

The team from Engadget itself has tested the Stage Manager feature. Unfortunately, this feature does not give a pleasant impression because there are many bugs.

“It’s not finished yet, Stage Manager is a little rough around the edges,” wrote Nathan Ingraham of Engadget. “When I use my iPad with an external display, the system crashes and returns me to the main screen. It definitely kills my productivity,” he wrote again.

This is different from Stage Manager for Mac devices. On MacOS Ventura, the Stage Manager is actually the most striking feature according to observer Devindra Hardawar.

iPad OS 16 debuted earlier this summer at the WWDC event. The separation of the iPad and iPhone OS is allegedly Apple’s attempt to position the iPad as a device for serious work.

On the other hand, Apple is rumored to be releasing the iPhone 14 in September next month. Apple itself has pinned a number of improvements to the iPhone 14, especially in the Pro variant, one of which is in the camera sector.

Rumor has it, the camera on the iPhone 14 will appear a little bigger.

The Pro model will get a 48-megapixel wide-angle camera along with a 12-megapixel ultrawide and telephoto sensor. Apple will replace the front camera case, otherwise known as the notch, with a waterdrop-shaped hole for the Face ID sensor.

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