Secret tick ensures order on the Apple cell phone

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Secret tick ensures order on the Apple cell phone
Order is now in place. (Image source: GIGA)

You know the dilemma: Every time you open Safari on the iPhone, new browser tabs somehow always appear. This quickly becomes confusing and it’s pretty annoying to have to close each tab individually. With the following secret trick, however, you can bring order to your Apple cell phone much faster.


Admit it, you too have countless browser tabs on the iPhone open. You could always close them, but don’t do it. In the end there is pure chaos and you bring yourself to close it piece by piece – what a sad idiot’s work.

Close all Safari tabs on the iPhone – Here’s how

But it’s also much faster if you know how to close all the tabs of the Safari browser at once. How does this work? It’s very simple, here’s how we do it:

  • If Safari is open, this is what you’re looking for Icon for controlling the individual tabs (bottom right, the two overlapping squares).
  • Now tap on the icon and hold it longer.
  • Et voil : Im opening context menu There’s also the option to close all currently open tabs in the middle, along with various others – now you have to tap on it.
  • Safari will then ask you if you really want to close the tabs. You confirm and all tabs are gone in one fell swoop.
Order in tab chaos on Safari. Just close all tabs quickly. (Image source: GIGA, screenshots)

Even more tips and tricks for your iPhone

Order is finally back, the browser is tidy. Did you like this little iPhone tip? At GIGA you will find even more of them, for example in the following article:

Among other things, we tell you how Siri can listen to you better, how you can dim the flashlight on the iPhone, how you can use AirDrop between iPhones and Android phones, and how you can make your life much easier with shortcuts. By the way: We are really looking forward to iOS 16. The new system version for the iPhone will certainly reveal more and more tips and tricks over time and we will report on them.

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