Samsung must intervene: New Android feature is being turned off

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Popular Google app causes strange problem

Google has developed its own Android version specifically for devices with large displays, which Samsung has adopted directly with the Galaxy Z Fold 4. There’s a really handy feature there, but Samsung turns it off if you install another launcher. There’s a good reason for that.

Samsung turns off taskbar in certain cases

If you’re using the Galaxy Z Fold 4 or a Samsung tablet that’s already running Android 12L, then you’re sure to be pleased with the newly introduced taskbar. This allows you to quickly access and switch apps anywhere. Samsung has adjusted its One UI interface so that the taskbar is always optimally displayed. But if you install another launcher on your cell phone or tablet, then Samsung turns off the taskbar (Source: SamMobile).

What sounds at first as if Samsung only wants to use the function with its own launcher actually has a good reason. If you install another launcher, it is not optimized for the new Android 12L taskbar and will also display it in situations where it is superfluous or even annoying. That’s why Samsung turns them off automatically. You can reactivate the function via the settings, if you still want to use the taskbar. So it is not deactivated in such a way that it can no longer be used at all. If the developers adapt the launcher accordingly to Android 12L, everything can be used as intended.

In the video we introduce you to the folding cell phones from Samsung:

The problem is with Android 12L

The fact that the new taskbar does not work perfectly is said to be due to Android 12L and the optimization that has not been thought through down to the smallest detail. This leads to display problems. It is quite possible that Google will solve the problem by the time the Pixel Tablet is introduced. Then Samsung doesn’t have to turn anything off to solve Google’s problems.

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