Samsung could release the GEMS Hip assist robot in December

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Samsung could release the GEMS Hip assist robot in December

Last updated: September 20, 2022 at 13:21 UTC+02:00

Samsung’s tentative August launch plans for its GEMS Hip assistive robot/exoskeleton haven’t gone as well as expected. Initial reports said that Samsung might release the GEMS Hip in August 2022, but August has come and gone, and Samsung gave us two new foldable phones and two new smartwatches in Unpacked. GEMS Hip is still undiscovered, but a new report now says that the company could release an assistive robot before the end of the year.

While the GEMS Hip may not enter full-scale mass production before the second half of 2023, a new report says that Samsung may be releasing a limited number of assistive robots as early as December. (through Korean Business)

GEMS Hip’s final design hasn’t been decided yet

Reports say that Samsung may be skipping the tentative August release as it hasn’t decided on the final design of the GEMS Hip. Samsung carefully considered this aspect for several reasons. One is that the GEMS Hip should be classified as a medical device. The other is that the GEMS Hip could be at the forefront of Samsung’s line of robots, meaning that the company wants to do everything right before committing to mass production.

The initial batch of GEMS Hip assist robots can consist of 50,000 units. Regardless, Samsung will not assemble the GEMS Hip at its facility. Most of the spare parts are reportedly supplied by various Korean companies, while intop — a company specializing in the manufacture of medical devices and robots — will be in charge of the final assembly of the GEMS Hip.

Samsung has been developing GEMS Hip for several years. The walking-assist exoskeleton (or rather, an early design of the GEMS Hip) was showcased at CES, and the device received ISO 13482 safety certification in 2020.

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