Price explosion at the pump: ADAC makes a clear statement

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For e-car buyers, the good years are over

The tank discount is history and at the latest with it the price limit of 2 euros per liter at the gas station has fallen again. Gasoline and diesel have experienced unprecedented price increases. The ADAC now denounces: There is no justification for the money-making.

Price explosion after tank discount: ADAC denounces gas station operators

It has become more expensive again at Germany’s petrol pumps: According to a recent ADAC evaluation, the end of the tank discount has resulted in a sharp increase in the price of petrol and diesel. Gasoline was hit particularly hard: The liter price of Super E10 increased an average of 21.6 cents compared to last week’s fuel rebate. This means that the liter E10 costs 1.992 euros around the German average today, just under 2 euros.

The rise in the Diesel: A liter in Germany cost around 2.16 euros, according to the ADAC Plus 8.2 cents after the tank discount. According to the car experts, the difference between diesel and Super E10 should never have been greater – except at the time of the tank discount.

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TankenApp with petrol price trend

Developer: Ströer Media Brands GmbH

TankenApp with petrol price trend

TankenApp with petrol price trend

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The historical highs from spring have not yet been reached again with the price increase, but there is not much missing. For the ADAC, “is that The extent of the price increases as well as the currently far too high price level cannot be justified.”

The hoped-for effects, such as stocking up on tax-deductible fuel, which could have delayed the price explosion, did not materialize. The ADAC criticizes the petroleum industry sharply: Even before the taxes have risen back to their original value from September 1, in particular in the second half of August the prices of petrol and diesel increased sharply: 7 cents for Super E10 and even 15 cents for diesel.

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ADAC: Mineral oil companies earn at the end of the tank discount

So you used the strong demand at the end of the discount to get a “to provide an adequate price cushion”. The actual jump in price should have almost ended with this anticipated increase.

The ADAC advises consumers to compare prices. In addition, at the right time save up to 12 cents per liter in the evening, than when drivers fill up in the morning. Apps can help with price comparison, which is now more important than ever.

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