Popular Google app causes strange problem

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Popular Google app causes strange problem

Samsung cell phone owners are currently struggling with a very unusual problem caused by a Google app. The latest models with the latest software are primarily affected. There is no solution yet.

Google apps causes problems on Samsung phones

Samsung phones that already run Android 13 or Android 12L are currently struggling with an unusual problem. The YouTube Music app ensures that the display does not turn off automatically when playing music (source: 9to5Google). The time stored in the system, usually a few seconds, does not apply in this case. The display is only switched off after 15 minutes, if you don’t do it manually first. This increases battery consumption if you don’t know what’s wrong because the display is active for a long time, and when charging, for example, causes smartphones to heat up and thus charge more slowly.

The error should not lie with the new Android versions, but with the YouTube Music app. In addition to Samsung cell phones, Pixel models should also be affected. I haven’t noticed the error on my Pixel 6 Pro yet. I already have Android 13 on it and use the YouTube Music app regularly as a premium customer. But I also noticed that I almost always switch off the display manually using the power button. So I hadn’t even noticed the problem before. But of course it’s annoying for anyone who relies on the display turning off after a few seconds, as intended in the settings.

What awaits you with Android 13:

Android 13 for Samsung phones in the works

Android 12L is already being distributed by Samsung for the first devices with large displays. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 were delivered directly with it and the Galaxy Tab S7 received the new version as an update. Other devices will follow. Android 13 is still in development and will be released first for the Galaxy S22 smartphones in the coming weeks. Then other models will follow.

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