Now you can finally check the relevant Play Store ratings for the device you are using

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Now you can finally check the relevant Play Store ratings for the device you are using

Last updated: September 15, 2022 at 08:00 UTC+02:00

Apart from smartphones, the Android operating system also supports your tablet, smartwatch, and even your television. The most common and official place to download apps on these devices is the Google Play Store. You can find versions of certain apps for different devices based on the form factor. However, this diversity also challenges the usefulness of app ratings, as the Play Store aggregates all ratings for all form factors.

Well, that will soon change once Google finally decides to make Play Store ratings relevant and useful for the device you are using. As seen by’s Mishal Rahman, Google confirmed that app ratings will now be displayed by device type. This was announced via a message to developers on the Play Store console.

The average Play Store rating remains the same, but the number of reviews differs from device to device

This feature has been in development since it was first talked about in August 2021. It was originally meant to arrive earlier this year, but went live a few days ago. As the folks over at Android Police have noted, if you head over to the Play Store and check out any app, you’ll see in the Ratings And Reviews section that the rating is “from people using the same type of device as you.”

Note that this doesn’t mean you’ll have a unique average rating based on the device you’re using, but the number of reviews counted will differ from device to device. It’s not a groundbreaking change, but it’s useful as it will affect how users download apps on their devices. Ensuring that Play Store ratings are accurate and based on the device you are using will allow you to decide whether or not to download the app.

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