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Save energy with a small heating gadget? The company SpeedComfort wants to realize this with its radiator fans.

The fans are attached to the underside of the radiators using magnets and are equipped with an external thermostat switch. As soon as the radiator has reached a temperature of 33°C, the fans are switched on automatically.

The specially designed axial fans draw in cold air and send it through the heated radiator panels. The air flow also transports and distributes the warm air better in the room. As soon as the radiator has reached a temperature of 25°C, the fans switch off again. Incidentally, the noise level remains below 20db.

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According to SpeedComfort, gas consumption can be reduced by up to 22 percent, which of course ultimately saves on heating costs. And in times of rising energy prices, we are of course happy about every opportunity to save.

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The power of the radiator is increased, which allows a lower supply temperature and therefore more efficient operation of the boiler. And of course, the more efficient use of radiators also reduces CO2 emissions.

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The SpeedComfort heating fans are available here* and have a recommended retail price starting at EUR 65.95.

Buy SpeedComfort heating fans at: Amazon*

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