New iPhone 14 line from Apple Expected to Come on September 7, 2022, No SIM Card Slot

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PRIANGAN ZONE – Apple wants to say goodbye to physical SIM cards. The company, which previously removed the headphone jack, is now eyeing the SIM card to kill off.

Apple’s new iPhone 14 lineup is expected to arrive on September 7, 2022, but rumors suggest a launch next year is also in the works.

Bloomberg reports that next year’s iPhone models could be without a SIM card slot. This is part of pushing Apple to switch to an eSIM system.

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It’s also possible that some of the iPhone 14 models that will arrive this week may be without a SIM card slot.

eSIM allows users to plan their phones without using a physical SIM card.

However, since eSIM cards are not yet available in all countries, it is likely that the latest iPhone models will still come with a physical SIM card slot.

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To activate an eSIM is relatively easy. Users have to follow several steps once connected to Wi-Fi and an eSIM profile will then be installed.

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