New e-car does not really want to fit into the picture

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New e-car does not really want to fit into the picture

Porsche – the name stands for sports cars, roaring engines, high speeds and acceleration that pushes you into your seats. Since the Taycan, this has also been available with an electric drive. Other models are to follow, but a completely new electric car is also under discussion. But you can’t call it a typical Porsche.

Porsche’s new electric car – a gigantic family carriage

Porsche goes electric. The Taycan has proven to be a real success story for VW’s sports car brand, and it’s going well for Porsche. Gradually, Porsche intends to do so in the coming years convert almost all cars to electric drive. Only the 911 will be continued with a combustion engine in parallel with an electric version for as long as possible.

In addition to the Taycan, the Macan and Cayenne, among others, will soon also become electric, which regularly replace each other in first place in terms of sales. But it shouldn’t stop there. Porsche is apparently planning to expand the range of SUVs and to enlarge them considerably. The people of Stuttgart should work on a huge family carriage.

According to a report by Automotive News, Porsche managers are said to have presented a model to dealers in the USA last year. Accordingly, the new Porsche initially listens to the project name K1. He was “very un-Porsche-like”, according to a dealer (via Ecomento) and is described as a mixture of sedan and crossover, with a flat rear design that should clearly set itself apart from the Macan and Cayenne SUV models.

Lease an e-car and collect a bonus of €6,000

Here he comes K1 with three rows of seats, presumably as a 7-seater, and is said to lead the luxury segment of the sports car manufacturer. 7-seaters are previously unknown from Porsche, but they are very much in fashion. Kia and Skoda, for example, also rely on huge SUVs with space for many occupants in the presented concept cars.

So far, the Taycan Cross Turismo is Porsche’s largest electric car:

Trailer for the Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo

Huge SUV and electric sports car: How Porsche wants to bridge the gap

The size and mass of such a body is out of the ordinary at Porsche. In other respects, however, the rumored K1 fits the picture perfectly. According to Automotive News, the electric SUV with a newly developed high-performance battery and 920 V charging technology be equipped. So far, 800 V have been considered the top of the industry, which is mainly installed by the Hyundai group.

Officially, Porsche and VW boss Oliver Blume has only confirmed that Porsche is working on a luxury SUV that is to be built in Leipzig. Automotive News writes about one possible market launch in the USA from 2026. In Germany, such a Porsche should then appear a little earlier.

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