New Bosch heat pumps solve two major problems at the same time

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New heat pumps from Bosch solve two major problems at the same time
New heat pumps from Bosch are particularly quiet. (Image source: Bosch)

Heat pumps will become extremely important in the future when many people have to switch from their old gas and oil heating systems to new heating systems. At the same time, they still have certain disadvantages that prevent them from being used in many buildings. Bosch has now presented two heat pumps that solve these problems.


New heat pumps from Bosch presented

With the Compress 5800i AW and Compress 6800i AW air-to-water heat pumps, Bosch has tackled two important problems faced by many currently available models. One of the biggest problems is the volume that such a heat pump generates. This ensures that it can only be set up at a certain distance from the neighboring house. Many heat pumps are disqualified by their volume and cannot be installed. Bosch relies on an integrated sound diffuser that ensures that the two models are among the quietest in their classwithout sacrificing performance.

And this is exactly where the second advantage of the new heat pumps from Bosch lies. They offer one significantly higher flow temperature and can thus be used much more widely in housesthat are either not well insulated or do not have surface heating such as underfloor heating. The Compress 5800i AW reaches 60 degrees and is to be used for new buildings. The Compress 6800i AW reaches 75 degrees and is therefore also suitable for older houses and houses in need of renovation (source: Bosch). Older heat pumps are usually not an option because they simply cannot generate the heat that is required.

A solar system or balcony power plant can provide the necessary energy:

Heat pumps are getting better and better

The development of heat pumps has picked up speed particularly recently, as demand is also increasing. The energy crisis is exacerbating this. In addition to Bosch, many other companies are currently developing new heat pumps that are more efficient and quieter and can therefore be used more widely. There is still a lot to do in this area, so that the reservations will be cleared up in the next few years.

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