Netflix Family plan? The ideal subscription for the family

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Netflix Family plan?  The ideal subscription for the family

Many streaming providers offer so-called family subscriptions, where you can access the content of the service with several people. Netflix does not have a direct family subscription, but the video-on-demand service can still be used by several family members. We show you which Netflix subscription is good for families.

Netflix doesn’t offer a standalone family subscription because each account is designed to be used by up to five people – but there are clear limitations depending on the subscription.

You can also save money with other streaming services if you share the subscription with your family:

Netflix – the ideal family subscription

First of all: While you can use Netflix with different profiles, Netflix’s Terms of Service prohibit account sharing with friends and co-workers.

No matter which subscription you take out with Netflix, you can always create up to five different profiles. Depending on which membership you have, only a certain number of people can access the Netflix subscription at the same time:

Netflix subscriptions 2021
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The basic subscription – rather unsuitable for families

As I said, up to five profiles can be created with each subscription – even with the basic subscription (7.99 euros per month). The problem with this subscription, however, is that here only a device can access the Netflix account.

So if you want to watch a film in the living room, but the children in their room are already watching a series on the tablet, you get the message that too many devices are in use at the same time.

The standard subscription – good for couples and small families

The standard subscription (12.99 euros per month) is ideal for couples and small families who don’t want to look at everything at once. Here you can two devices use at the same time.

It is therefore not a problem if two family members want to watch different content from the video-on-demand service on two devices at the same time.

The premium subscription – the ideal family subscription

The Netflix membership that can best be described as a “Family subscription” is the Premium subscription (17.99 euros per month). With this you can at the same time four devices run with different films and series in the household.

Even if both parents and two children each want to watch something different, you won’t get in each other’s way – provided there are enough devices in the household for Netflix.

Netflix Family subscription
With each Netflix subscription, up to five people can create their own profile (Image source: GIGA)

It should also be added that Netflix gives you the option of upgrading or downgrading your current subscription at any time. That means you can switch from the premium subscription back to the standard subscription at any time, or turn the basic subscription into a premium subscription, for example if family members move out or move in.

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