Lucky Customer Gets New Apple Watch Ultra Two Days Early

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Lucky Customer Gets New Apple Watch Ultra Two Days Early

With millions of devices shipped to customers with every Apple launch, sometimes someone gets lucky and gets a new product ahead of schedule. This time around, Redditor playalisticadillac received an Apple Watch Ultra from AT&T two days before its official debut, sharing some images on the social media site.

The images include unboxing and comparisons to the previous-generation 45mm Apple Watch, and while we’ve seen the device in reviews, it’s always nice to hear from actual consumers. Answering a question on Reddit, playalisticadillac said that the watch isn’t as big as one would expect on a smaller wrist, and it pairs well with the Milanese Loop strap.

apple watch ultra reddit 2

There’s not much else to be gained from the device’s early arrival, but additional information about the Apple Watch Ultra can be found in the media review that aired this morning.

The Apple Watch Ultra‌ will launch on Friday, September 23. At 49mm, it’s the largest Apple Watch Apple has released to date, and the first Apple Watch to feature a striking design change. Built for explorers and adventurers, it has a sturdier build that’s better able to withstand extreme conditions, water sports and other activities.

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