Know What is a Marketing Channel and the Best Types

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Know What is a Marketing Channel and the Best Types

In the world of content marketing, content creation itself is a process that is both challenging and fun. Because, you can make business marketing content as creative as possible in order to attract the interest and attention of potential customers. But, you need to know that in disseminating content, channel marketing is an aspect that should not be forgotten.

Why is that?

It’s important to understand your marketing channels and which channels you should use to enhance your content marketing goals. In short, marketing channels are the various tools and platforms that you use to communicate with your business’ target audience.

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So while the decision to use a particular channel should come from insight into the target audience, it is important to understand the different characteristics of each channel. And of course, through this article, you will understand the ins and outs of channel marketing for content marketing success in 2022. Check this out!

What are Marketing Channels?

A marketing channel is a group of people, organizations and activities that work together to transport goods (products and services) from the point of origin (producers) to the point of consumption (customers). The main purpose of using channel marketing is to create a good relationship between the company as a product or service producer and potential customers who might want to buy it.

Specifically for physical products, the four basic types of marketing channels are:

  1. Direct sales or direct sellingwhere products are marketed and sold directly to customers without a fixed retail location.
  2. Sales through intermediarieswhere products are manufactured at the point of origin and sold to customers through the assistance of intermediaries, such as agents, brokers, wholesalers and retail stores.
  3. Dual distribution or dual distribution, in which a company combines several types of channels to sell products to end users. This could mean that the company sells directly to customers and also does business with wholesalers and retailers who sell to customers through their own distribution network.
  4. Reverse marketing or reverse marketing, where the product moves from the customer back to the company. Common cases of reverse marketing include product recycling and product recalls.

Businesses involved in digital marketing campaigns carry out specific types of direct selling campaigns that can leverage multiple types of channels to effectively market their products to customers, ensure customer presence through the sales funnel and drive sales growth and revenue targets.

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Reasons for the Importance of Channel Marketing

When a company prepares to market a certain product or service to customers, the company must develop and determine the best marketing mix that will be used to promote the product. An effective marketing mix must take into account marketing channels through the 4P marketing concept, namely product, price, place and promotion.

1. Product

The first element of the marketing mix is ​​the product itself. For the marketing process to be successful, businesses must develop products that customers want to buy because they meet their needs and offer the features they want. The product must be designed to provide a greater customer experience and be effectively differentiated from competitors by value-added features.

2. Price

The second element is price. Companies must offer products at reasonable prices according to the value of the products that the company offers. In addition, the price must be competitive with similar products on the market when you also calculate the differentiating factors and product value that potential buyers may provide. When discussing the last two elements, namely place and promotion, channel marketing is a very important factor for you to understand.

3. Place

To meet the needs of the third element of the marketing mix, place, companies must understand where their customers are looking for your product and work to make the product available in locations according to the target audience. For many technology companies, customers will search for your products online (direct selling) or from retailers (selling through intermediaries).

4. Promotion (Promotion)

The final element of the marketing mix in understanding marketing channels is promotion, which deals with identifying the best channels through which a company can best distribute the message about its products to its target audience.

Promotion is especially important for companies that do direct selling, because you are not depending on the retailer or wholesaler to drive sales on behalf of your company. Companies that sell products online must identify the digital marketing channels that offer the best ROI for each marketing advantage.

The overall ROI for each individual marketing channel may tend to diminish over time. Because customers start ignoring the ads they see all the time.

In addition to identifying the optimal channels for generating marketing ROI, companies should continuously test new marketing channels while leveraging marketing automation to avoid sending repeated messages to the same customers.

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6 Digital Marketing Channels To Promote Products

If you sell or market digital products online, you will most likely work in a direct selling type of channel marketing model. If your product can be distributed via the internet, then you don’t need to build a distribution network of agents and retailers that can connect customers with your product.

Instead, the focus of your business when using marketing channels should be on promoting products effectively and driving sales through the appropriate digital channels. Below, we list some of the most popular digital marketing channels that you can consider for your next business marketing campaign.

1. Websites and Blogs

If you engage in online direct selling, your company’s website will most likely act as the main distribution channel for the sale of your product or service. This is where your customers will come to request a demo or buy your product in person.

Besides your company website acting as the main distribution channel for selling your products, the website can also be a promotional tool.

Marketing automation tools can be used to provide customized landing pages and sales copy depending on where the customer is coming from, what information you have gathered about the customer, and whether they match the buyer personas that your company has previously defined.

B2B marketers focus significant effort on websites and blogging channels because customers often rely on websites before making a purchase decision. So a website as a marketing channel of choice is a great way to convey information to people involved in B2B sales.

2. Search Engines

Search engines or search engines are one of the most important marketing channels for you to promote your business. In fact, there’s a marketing discipline concept called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that focuses on implementing techniques to help your website rank higher than its competitors on search engine result pages (SERP).

A high search ranking can demonstrate the legitimacy and authority of your business as a trusted company and generate organic traffic with substantial ROI. It’s no wonder that SEO is one of the main marketing strategies for B2B marketers along with the popularity of websites.

Using keywords or keywords related to your business can help you attract customers to your business website. This is because customers can search for keywords that are directly related to what you offer through the SERP results.

3. Email Marketing

Most people who are connected to the internet must have email. This is what makes email marketing one of the best marketing channels to communicate directly with customers. Especially now that email marketing can also be automated and customized to provide targeted content based on a history of business interactions with each customer.

Prospective customers can determine whether they are willing to enter your business promotion email recipient list by subscribing to your company website or filling out an email submission form in exchange for exclusive access to some of your business content or information.

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4. Social Media

Next from the marketing channel is social media which is one of the most cost-effective marketing channels for brands or companies who want to stay on top of the minds of potential customers by providing interesting and informative content. Social media also facilitates two-way interaction between your brand and customers, allowing you to participate in conversations about your business niche and position yourself as a trusted business authority.

5. Content Marketing

Channel content marketing is all about producing informative and engaging material that helps customers solve their problems while you position yourself as an authority.

This type of content can be posted on your website by making weekly updates to your blog or distributed via other channels (such as website, social media, etc.). Promotional videos that are marketed through platforms like YouTube are also a possible means of promoting your brand or product, you know.

6. Video Marketing

If you haven’t considered video marketing as a marketing channel, now is the time for you to do so. The reason is, videos can increase conversions, increase ROI, and help you build relationships with the target audience to the fullest.

Video as a marketing channel is the top media format preferred by almost 69% of digital media subscribers to learn about what brands have to offer. When sharing videos, the most popular channels are Facebook, YouTube, TikTok and Instagram, which are now Instagram and TikTok are one of the most effective video marketing channels in 2021.

Marketing channels
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Which Marketing Channel Will You Choose?

Of the six types of marketing channels above, there are still many channels that you can use. Some businesses use marketing channels like omni-channel marketinginfluencer marketing, podcast marketing, and word of mouth marketing.

Different marketing channels certainly bring different benefits. But most businesses can find ways to use different channels in their marketing strategy to meet business goals.

However, your business audience is likely to be diverse and spread over a wide range of characteristics. Whether it’s based on gender, age, social status, demographics, and others, so using various marketing channels is an effort to create many touchpoints which in turn will help you retain as many customers as possible and increase business conversions.

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