Kia knows what really matters when it comes to electric cars

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That's what really matters with an e-car

If e-cars are to completely replace combustion engines in the long term, the electric vehicles must inspire many customers. YouGov found out what it takes to do this in a survey for Kia. The carmaker is now revealing what customers really want.

Range and comfort: that’s what e-car buyers want!

E-cars should not only be a sensible mental decision, but inspire. But with what? YouGov market researchers investigated the question on behalf of Kia to find out: What do customers actually want from their e-car? Accordingly, a long range and a long warranty on the battery are among the most important points for prospective e-car drivers, although a strong battery is usually associated with a higher purchase price.

One long battery guarantee is at least important for 95 percent of the prospective e-car drivers surveyed, 70 percent stated that it was a “very important” purchase criterion. for one strong range, just over two-thirds (67 percent) would add a little more to the purchase price. 33 percent are in favor of a range of between 400 and 500 km, and even 34 percent want 500 km or more. 23 percent, on the other hand, are satisfied with a range of 300 to 400 km per battery charge.

Lease an e-car and collect a bonus of €6,000

However, income plays a decisive role in the willingness to dig deeper into their pockets for more reach. Above an income of 4,500 euros, the willingness to spend increases to 94 percent. According to Kia, this is also reflected in customer orders. The electric models of the Koreans would over 90 percent of buyers opt for the variant with a larger battery (Source: Kia).

Much of what the study found can be found in the concept for the EV9 from Kia:

Kia Concept EV9 trailer

Battery for emergencies: Customers value extras

In addition to the battery are mainly Convenience functions and networking interesting for customers when buying an e-car. For 42 percent of those surveyed, comfort is important to very important, especially during longer charging breaks in electric cars. Entertainment systems and adjustable “reclining and relaxation seats” are among the popular equipment features.

E-car customers also want bidirectional charging. A total of 52 percent find it important to be able to supply the electricity in the e-car to other devices or, for example, as emergency power for the household via a 220-volt system. At 22 percent, e-mobility users would particularly like to use it to charge an e-bike or benefit from the mobile battery when camping (19 percent).

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