iPhone, iPad, Mac Owners Be Careful, There’s a Warning from Apple

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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Apple warns of vulnerabilities that might result in hacking its products from iPhone, iPad and Mac computers. The company also warns users to install the update immediately software as soon as possible to prevent this.

Patch the software was released on Wednesday and Thursday. This is done so they can fix vulnerabilities that are already known and that hackers might take advantage of.

“Apple is aware of reported issues that may have been actively exploited,” the company said Asian News Channels (CNA)Friday (19/8/2022).

But the Cupertino-based company did not disclose whether it had any information about the extent to which the problem was exploited. According to the technical description, it is known that hackers managed to use the vulnerability to take control of the device, access its data or capabilities.

Meanwhile, SocialProof Security CEO Rachel Torac said the perpetrators could impersonate the device owner and possibly run the software on their behalf. The security expert also advised users to update the affected devices.

This starts with the iPhone 6S and later models, then several iPad models including the 5th generation and later. Additionally, it also applies to all iPad Pro and iPad Air 2, Mac computers with MacOS Monterey, and affects a number of iPod models.

In fact, Apple itself did not say how the report was, where, or on whom the vulnerability was discovered. The company only cites anonymous researchers.

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