iPhone 14 specifications and prices leak ahead of the Apple event on September 7, 2022

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By impersonating standard Apple ID login pages, attackers trick victims into entering their usernames and passwords on the phishing page.

Then, the attacker will gain access to all of the victim’s email addresses and login passwords, as well as contact and payment information.

They can also access the victim’s iCloud where they store private photos, scanned documents, and more. These photos can be used by attackers for identity theft or even extortion.

To gain access to the Apple ID, the attackers can stress the victim by telling them, the risk of losing the device can occur at any time due to several threats.

For example, Kaspersky experts have found examples of phishing pages that suddenly appear on the device screen and warn victims that “access to this Apple device has been blocked due to unauthorized activity.”

So, in order to unlock access to the device, the victim is offered to call a fake Apple support number, to which the crooks will answer.


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