iPhone 14 allegedly imitates their purple BTS color, Samsung mocks Apple

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It’s no secret that the two largest gadget companies in the world, Samsung and Apple, never get along and continue to compete through the technology they create from time to time. On various occasions, Samsung is also known to often satirize Apple products, you know.

Launch koreabooit turns out that Samsung was recently caught insinuating Apple again after the Californian company held an ‘Apple Event’ to introduce their latest products on 7 September.

At the event, the announcement about Apple’s latest smartphone, the iPhone 14 was the most awaited. Interestingly, Apple created the latest color for the iPhone 14, which is a deep purple color called Deep Purple.

It also surprised netizens and K-Pop fans. If iPhone fans are surprised because they are curious about the beauty of the new iPhone color, K-Pop fans are actually surprised because the color reminds them of BTS.

In recent years, purple has indeed become a color that is so synonymous with BTS because it has become their official color after V coined the term Borahae (I purple you) is famous.

Before Apple, back in August, Samsung, inspired by BTS, launched the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy S22 series with a purple color called Bora Purple.

Because of this, fans also suspect that the purple color of the latest iPhone imitates Samsung’s Bora Purple color and is used to attract ARMYs. However, it’s not just fans, apparently Samsung also feels that Apple is copying its purple color.

On the day of the recent launch of Apple’s newest product, Samsung also posted a tweet on Twitter that reads, “COOL STORY BRO” but all the O’s are replaced with purple emojis implying that they’re teasing the new purple iPhone.

However, Samsung’s satire did not stop there. On the day of the ‘Apple Event’, Samsung Mobile America’s social media manager seemed to enjoy the opportunity to reply to netizens’ tweets comparing Samsung to Apple’s latest products.

Of the many tweets written by netizens, some of them complain about the iPhone design that doesn’t change every year. “Apple is spilling new features and colors onto the same phones and we keep buying them every year.” tweeted a netizen.

In response to the tweet, Samsung sarcastically implied that Apple wasn’t innovative and said, “Tell us if you’re hungry for something innovative.”

Regardless of the rivalry between Samsung and Apple, what is clear is that BTS has enormous influence around the world. So, it’s no wonder that various world-class brands are competing to create products that are inspired by this HYBE upbringing septet. What do you think?

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