Huawei creates the unexpected: China manufacturer is slowly recovering

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Huawei can grow again in China. (Image source: GIGA)

Huawei has suffered a lot since the US ban. Smartphone sales have been falling steadily, although the Chinese company has continued to stay on the ball with innovative smartphones. This is exactly what is now paying off, at least in the home country.


Huawei can increase smartphone sales

Things haven’t been going well for Huawei in recent years. In Europe, at least, smartphones and tablets no longer play a major role, while other products such as smartwatches remain unreservedly attractive. In the home country of China, too, things did not go smoothly after the US ban due to various hardware restrictions. But that suddenly changed in the fourth quarter of 2022. Huawei’s hard work is paying off. According to Counterpoint, only Huawei has them in their home country Sales figures increased compared to Q4 2021:

Huawei was able to increase smartphone sales in China. (Image source: Counterpoint)

Apple remains the undisputed leader in China. The market share could be increased, but this is only due to the overall weakening market. Effectively, Apple has sold fewer iPhones. All sizes Chinese manufacturers, on the other hand, have lost massively. Huawei was able to increase its sales figures against the general trend and has even come close to Xiaomi again. Xiaomi even included Redmi. If the trend can be maintained, then Huawei could soon be back at the top.

We liked the Huawei P50 Pro:

Europe remains a difficult market for Huawei

The recovery in China bodes well for Huawei to continue building competitive smartphones. In Europe, however, it will not be so easy for Huawei. No model can really assert itself without Google services. Google services and apps don’t play a role in China, so the lack of a 5G modem can probably somehow be tolerated. Huawei’s perseverance seems to be paying off. It will be interesting to see if the trend continues.

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