Hospital gossip for Lauterbach: Corona data not available

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Hospital gossip for Lauterbach: Corona data not available
The German Hospital Society criticizes Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach. (Image source: IMAGO / Political-Moments)

Hospitals in Germany have to provide data on the corona situation, but cannot do this with the software provided by the federal government. Health Minister Karl Lauterbach is held responsible for the “continuing misery”. Once again there is talk of a sleepy digitization.

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The Federal Ministry of Health would like to receive precise data on the situation from hospitals in accordance with the Corona Infection Protection Act. According to the German Hospital Society (DKG). but the required data is not supplied at all. It is “unaffordable” to transmit new data every day with the software provided by the federal government.

The DKG sees the responsibility clearly with the Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach. This is in the “continuing misery” as the culprit been identified. On Twitter, the DKG writes that politicians first overslept digitization, but then would still call for data. Hospitals are not able to provide the required corona data. Clinics will be supported if they are subsequently affected by sanctions (source: DKG on Twitter).

Actually, current data on the corona situation should only be collected and sent by the hospitals from January 1, 2023. However, the deadline was brought forward to September 17, 2022. Although the software called DEMIS has been available since March, it is only used by a fraction of the hospitals.

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According to the DKG, the software limitations pointed out that there were always new demands from politicians. In particular, occupancy data from the weekend can only be delivered when interfaces between the hospital information system (HIS) and DEMIS are available. Whether people who were admitted to the hospital with or because of Corona could not be reported via the software.

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