Here’s how to check battery status/health on your Samsung Galaxy device

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Here's how to check battery status/health on your Samsung Galaxy device

Google released the stable and full version of Android 13 for Pixel devices some time ago, and continues to release additional updates (called Quarterly Platform Releases, or QPRs) with new features, including giving users the option to beta test those features before they go global. .

One of the new features in the latest QPR beta release for Pixel devices running Android 13 includes the ability to check device battery health. Basically, devices running Android 13 will be able to tell users whether their battery health is good or bad (though not in a percentage format, unlike the iPhone) so they can do the necessary things, like replace the battery.

But did you know that Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets can already tell the health of your device’s battery? That feature is built into the diagnostic functionality you find on all modern Galaxy devices. This is something we’ve detailed before, but we thought it would be nice to remind you that checking battery health is also part of that functionality.

How to check battery status/health on your Samsung Galaxy device

All you have to do to check the battery health of your Galaxy phone or tablet is to open its Settings app, select Device Maintenancescroll down to the bottom and tap diagnostic, then tap Battery status choice. The device will take a few seconds to check the health of the battery, then tell you if it is good or bad and whether your battery is operating normally.

On some Galaxy devices, you may not find Diagnostic choice in Settings » Device maintenance. In this case, you can download the Samsung Members app from the Google Play Store or Galaxy Store, open it (and sign in to your Samsung account, if prompted), tap Support button at the bottom of the welcome screen, tap View test button, then select Battery status options there.

Whichever method you use, the result is the same: you can check the battery health of your phone or tablet. As previously mentioned, unlike iOS, you can’t see how much battery has decreased over time in percentage points, but we can still hope that it’s something Samsung will bring with its upcoming One UI version.

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