Gas price doubled? You should definitely do this with gas heating before the price rises

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Gas price doubled?  You should definitely do this with gas heating before the price rises

Now it got me too. The dreaded letter from my gas supplier landed in the mailbox at the weekend and delivered the bad news. The gas price will more than double. On the first of November, the advance payment for gas heating increases drastically. To ensure proper accounting, there is one important thing you should do if you get caught too.

Be sure to read the meter of the gas heating before the price increases

If, like me, you’ve received a letter announcing a gas price increase on a specific date, then you should Be sure to read the gas meter of the gas heating on the due date. In my case, the price of natural gas increases from 6.55 cents to 14.35 cents per kWh on November 1st. So my discount doubles. So on October 31st I will read the gas meter and give my provider the exact reading. This is the only way to ensure that the billing is accurate. Otherwise the consumption is estimated. In the worst case, this could lead to you paying more.

You can see the reading of the gas meter at many providers via the online portal, by letter or telephone. The letter also states how the meter reading for the gas heating can be transmitted. You usually have 2 weeks to notify us. The only important thing is that you read the value on October 31st. The date of the price increase may vary – depending on when your gas price increases.

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What should you do if the gas price multiplies?

There may well be cases in which the gas price does not double, but increases tenfold. In most cases, these are gas suppliers who do not have long-term contracts, but procure natural gas at very short notice. The prices have exploded lately. In such a case, you should make use of your special right of termination. The gas tap will not be turned off for you either, because you fall into the basic supply. The price there should also be relatively high, but not as high as if the gas price were to be multiplied. In critical cases, consumer protection in your region can also help.

At the latest when the higher prices apply, you should at least try to save gas. With very simple means I have noticeably reduced my consumption and saved a lot of money. The Stiftung Warentest has also put together some tips on how you can save energy costs in everyday life.

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