Gaming and saving electricity: These tips are worth real money

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Gaming and saving electricity: These tips are worth real money

Gamers are also struggling with rising electricity prices. The PC or the console consume a lot of electricity, but that doesn’t have to be the case. With a few tricks, the hunger for electricity can be reduced. However, you have to do without some comfort.

Console and PC: How to save electricity when gaming

The cost of electricity is rising to unprecedented heights, which is also having an impact on gaming. An Xbox Series X and a Playstation 5 draw about 200 watts, as calculated by the US environmental protection group NRDC. In addition, there is the television to which the console is connected. With 350 watts and two hours of games per day, this is currently the case annual costs of around 95 euros. However, power consumption can be reduced.

The more performance is required, the the power consumption is also higher. A 4K resolution requires more energy than a Full HD display. According to NRDC, there is also a significant difference between running a PS5 or PS4 game on the PlayStation 5. The PS4 version is often satisfied with about half the power (source: RND).

Consoles can also be adjusted and used more sparingly. The stand-by mode is comfortable, but it also requires energy. If you only want to stream videos anyway, you don’t necessarily have to do it via the PS5 or Xbox Series X. This can also be done with the much more economical laptop or mobile phone.

Portable consoles such as the Nintendo Switch or the smartphone are available satisfied with much less energy. Instead of turning on the PS5 and the large Smart TV, it can be worthwhile to use a smaller screen in terms of power consumption.

You can also generate electricity yourself:

Save resources: Buy used instead of new

As with other products, it is true in the gaming world that with used hardware and physical games save resources. This is difficult at first on the latest consoles, but gets easier over time. Downloading games also costs electricity, but has a better energy balance than the counterpart in the box.

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