Galaxy Z Fold 4 vs Galaxy S22 Ultra: Is more cameras better?

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Last updated: September 14, 2022 at 16:01 UTC+02:00

We recently compared the camera performance of the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy S22 side by side, with surprising results. Now we turn to the more expensive Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy S22 Ultra for a comparison video of the new cameras, which you can watch below.

For our latest video, we compared the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and S22 Ultra across various categories, including landscape photos and day and night selfies, and video recording. Here’s a quick summary, but we recommend watching the video below for more details.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 vs Galaxy S22 Ultra: Mobile photography

The Galaxy S22 Ultra has an inherent advantage over the telephoto camera department as it has a dedicated periscope shooter with 10x optical zoom capability. However, even at 3x optical zoom (which the Galaxy Z Fold 4) can achieve, the S22 Ultra seems to offer higher image quality.

In terms of daytime ultrawide photography, the Galaxy S22 Ultra appears to produce sharper, more detailed images, while the Galaxy Z Fold 4 delivers better shadow detail and more vibrant colors. The results are somewhat similar to what we saw in our recent Z Flip 4 vs S22 comparison.

In fact, the differences in how these two camera systems work are visible in more areas. In general, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 camera appears to reproduce brighter colors, while the Galaxy S22 Ultra tends to offer clearer images with less noise.

This also applies to landscape photography at night, where the Galaxy S22 Ultra shines more than the Z Fold 4. For video recording, the results are similar, with one of the biggest drawbacks of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 being that it can’t shoot 4K 60fps video via the ultrawide sensor. . Samsung may be able to fix this via a firmware update, but it may not.

Be sure to check out our video below for a more comprehensive look at how the Galaxy S22 Ultra and Z Fold 4 compare in the camera department in various lighting conditions and stay tuned for more.

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