From now on (September 22) there are great bargains at low prices

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From now on (September 22) there are great bargains at low prices
Aldi has new bargains ready. (Image source: GIGA)

Aldi is offering some new items from today, September 22nd. We show which ones are worthwhile in the online shop and in the branches of Aldi North and South.

Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd: New offers from September 22nd

We start with the online shop, where we noticed several lights.

  • LED ceiling light for 149 euros. Light temperature and brightness can be continuously adjusted with this model. A memory function is also included.
  • LED floor lamp for 89.99 euros. Here the manufacturer has thought of an additional reading light that can be bent in a targeted manner. Light bulb is included in the scope of delivery.
  • cordless vacuum cleaner for 159 euros. A whole 60 percent cheaper than usual. The battery offers a runtime of up to 45 minutes, and an integrated hand-held vacuum cleaner is included.
  • box bed for 799 euros. Modern, easy-care and country-style. A 7-zone reversible mattress with a large lying surface is included.
  • fur rug for 99.99 euros. The flokati rug has a fur look and fits into almost all furnishing styles. The dimensions are 230 x 160 cm.
  • 5-in-1 weather station for 54.99 euros. Aldi offers this station with a discount of over 57 percent. Wind speed, wind direction, humidity, temperature and amount of precipitation are given.
New offers at Aldi Nord (Image source: Aldi Nord)

Aldi Nord offers these offers:

  • cordless leaf vacuum for 49.99 euros. The battery-operated device can blow, suck and shred. The integrated collection bag has a volume of 45 l.
  • Cordless hedge trimmer for 39.99 euros. Counter-rotating knives for high cutting performance are included. The maximum cutting length is specified as 510 mm.
  • cordless drill driver for 49.99 euros. Equipped with a 2-speed gearbox. Including case with accessories such as eight HSS drill bits and eight screw bits.
  • Telescopic ratchet scissors for 24.99 euros. The handles can be extended between 72 and 97 cm to increase the radius of action. Suitable for branches up to 50 mm in diameter.
  • outside socket for 24.99 euros. Aldi offers several stone-look models. They each offer four sockets with self-closing hinged covers.

Aldi Süd offers these offers:

  • Rattan coffee table for 49.99 euros. The round table has a diameter of 54.5 cm and a height of 58.5 cm. The storage basket is made of rattan.
  • Rattan shoe bench for 69.99 euros. With cushion, shoe rack and storage compartment. The shoe bench is 80 cm wide and 43 cm high.
  • design chairs for 69.99 euros. Two pieces in white or green are available. The maximum load capacity is 110 kg.
  • DIY Knife Set for 2.99 euros. The set consists of three knives and ten spare blades each.
  • LED flex strip for 14.99 euros. The band can be individually shortened every 10 cm. The 3M tape makes it self-adhesive.

How much do you know about Aldi?

Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd: Older offers from September 19th

We start with the online shop, where we noticed several bikes.

  • Trekking e-bike for 1,399 euros. The integrated battery ensures a range of between 80 and 90 km. The power of the rear wheel motor is 250 watts. A 7-speed derailleur and 28-inch tires are included.
  • city ​​bike for 319 euros. Not an e-bike, but a normal bike for the city. The equipment includes 28-inch tires, a 3-speed hub gear and a pannier rack with pannier brackets.
  • GPS bike computer for 69.99 euros. A total of 30 percent cheaper than usual. A total of 78 functions are available, including a GPS function.
  • treadmill for 699 euros. Just 100 euros cheaper in the Aldi online shop. 50 training programs are offered, which can be set via the training computer.
  • ergometer for 349 euros. With training computer, eddy current brake and adjustable handlebar, foot and saddle position. A total of 32 pedal resistance levels are available.
  • rowing machine for 349 euros. The resistance can be set to 16 levels of difficulty. The rowing machine can also be folded to save space.
New offers at Aldi Nord (Image source: Aldi Nord)

Aldi Nord offers these offers:

  • E-bike helmet for 59.99 euros. Light, stable and heat-resistant. With rear light and indicator function, which can be controlled by remote control on the handlebars.
  • bicycle helmet for 12.99 euros. Suitable for adults and children. A detachable LED rear light with three light levels is included.
  • bike basket for 7.99 euros. Aldi Nord offers different models. In addition to a luggage carrier basket and a handlebar basket, a school bag basket can also be purchased.
  • LED bike lights for 9.99 euros. The set consists of battery-operated headlights and rear lights. Batteries and brackets are included in the package.
  • panniers for 16.99 euros. Various models and sizes are available, each consisting of a double bag for attachment to the luggage rack.
  • bike backpack with LED for 24.99 euros. With padded back and shoulder and waist straps. The LED lighting lasts eight hours before it needs to be recharged.

Aldi Süd offers these offers:

  • Bicycle smartphone holder for 4.99 euros. Suitable for all smartphones with a display between 4 and 6.5 inches. The holder is made of silicone and is rotatable.
  • bike basket for 6.99 euros. Several models in black and white are available from Aldi Süd. Steel is used as the material.
  • safety vest for 5.99 euros. Not only suitable for cyclists. The vest is available in yellow and orange in sizes S/M and L/XL.
  • universal oil for 3.99 euros. Multifunctional oil for bicycles, household and workshop. Acts as a rust remover, lubricant, cleaner, anti-corrosion agent, contact spray and penetrating oil.

Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd: Older offers from September 15th

We start with the online store, where we noticed a lot of products for the office.

  • swivel chair for 199 euros. With mesh backrest and adjustable armrests. The office chair has a large seat and a rocking mechanism.
  • HP notebook for 599 euros. Equipped with a 17.3-inch (43.9 cm) display and an AMD Ryzen 5 5500U as the processor. There is also 8 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage.
  • writing desk for 399 euros. Electrically height adjustable between 70 and 120 cm. A change of position is possible via sensor buttons.
  • floor lamp for 149 euros. The LED floor lamp, which offers warm white and daylight white light, is a whole 41 percent cheaper.
  • LED desk lamp for 59.99 euros. After all, Aldi offers the LED desk lamp with a touch dimmer that is 24 percent cheaper than usual. It can be pivoted and rotated.
  • Desk lamp with wireless charging for 39.99 euros. The black LED light not only provides light, but can also charge smartphones and other devices wirelessly.
New offers at Aldi Nord (Image source: Aldi Nord)

Aldi Nord offers these offers:

  • writing desk for 49.99 euros. With side shelf that has three shelves. The desk measures 102 × 117 × 50 cm.
  • Office and side trolley for 49.99 euros. With two large storage compartments and a door. There are four open storage compartments at the top.
  • mousepad for 4.99 euros. Consists entirely of polyester. A wrist rest is included. Aldi Nord offers different colors and models.
  • LED ceiling light for 19.99 euros. Equipped with a motion detector. Customers can expect a warm white light (2,700K).
  • Floor wiper set for 19.99 euros. The set consists of a floor wiper with a handle, a 2-in-1 cover for all floors and a bucket.

Aldi Süd offers these offers:

  • seat trainer for 79.99 euros. With stepless seat height adjustment between 55 and 72 cm. The manufacturer specifies the maximum load capacity as 110 kg.
  • LED glass series for 2.99 euros. Depending on the model, consists of two LED candles or LED bulbs (4.2 watts, 470 lm). The service life is given as 15,000 hours.
  • modeling clay for 2.99 euros. Consists of 500 g. The modeling clay is suitable for children and adults for moulding, handicrafts and painting.
  • Watercolor pens or brushes for 6.99 euros. Customers can choose between watercolor wooden crayons (24 pieces), watercolor brush painters (18 pieces) or a water tank brush in a plastic case (set of 6).
  • oil pastels for 5.99 euros. Here are 36 crayons for paper, cardboard, wood or linen in a package. A metal case is included.

Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd: Older offers from September 12th

We start with the online store, where we noticed a lot of products for the garden.

  • robotic lawnmower for 389 euros. Can be controlled via app or manually. The cutting height is between 20 and 60 mm. Suitable for gardens up to 400 square meters.
  • 5-in-1 multi-garden tool for 169 euros. Hedge shears, pole pruner, lawn trimmer, brush cutter and leaf blower are all combined in one device.
  • Gasoline Lawnmower for 249 euros. Equipped with a 4-stroke petrol engine and a durable gearbox. An integrated cleaning function is included.
  • electric chainsaw for 79.99 euros. Reduced in price by a whopping 59 percent. Has a 2,700 watt electric motor and an integrated chain brake for more safety.
  • metal storage box for 169 euros. Large box for the garden with a volume of 400 l. The box can be locked.
  • glass canopy for 259 euros. Measures 150 x 90 cm and is made from 12mm VS glass. With rust-resistant stainless steel attachment.
New offers at Aldi Nord (Image source: Aldi Nord)

Aldi Nord offers these offers:

  • Recycled backpack for 14.99 euros. Consists of recycled polyester. Padded shoulder straps and a laptop compartment are included. Several models are available.
  • Trolley Travel Suitcase Set for 79.99 euros. Consisting of a small and large trolley, each with wheels. A TSA combination lock is available.
  • Back seat mattress for the car for 29.99 euros. Compatible with all 5-door cars. The maximum load capacity is 250 kg.
  • cordless drill driver for 29.99 euros. Available from Aldi Nord including a 17-piece bit and drill set, charger and case.
  • Hobby and tool box for 14.99 euros. Designed for DIYers and professional craftsmen. The individual organizers can be removed.

Aldi Süd offers these offers:

  • Hiking and trekking poles for 9.99 euros. Consists of lightweight aluminum and has ergonomically designed handles. There are three models to choose from.
  • Lightweight trail jacket for 19.99 euros. Suitable for women and men. Designed to be breathable, waterproof, windproof and water repellent.
  • automatic screen for 6.99 euros. Comes open to a diameter of 96.5cm. Aldi Süd offers five different colors.
  • Sports and travel bag on wheels from 14.99 euros. A small and a slightly large version is available in several colors.
  • work and leisure gloves for 2.99 euros. With double latex coating on palms and fingers. Multiple sizes and colors are offered.

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