Five New Features Coming to Your iPhone With iOS 16.1 Later This Month

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Apple Releases First Public Beta of iOS 16.1 With Clean Energy Charging, Live Activity, and More

In a few weeks, Apple will release iOS 16.1 for all compatible iPhones, marking the first major update to the iOS 16 operating system since its public release in September.

With iOS 16.1, Apple brought several new changes, features, and bug fixes to iPhone users. We’ve highlighted five important changes below. iOS 16.1 is currently still in beta testing with developers and public beta testers.

Live Activities

ios 16 uber live activity

With iOS 16.1, Apple enabled Live Activity on the redesigned iOS 16‌ Lock Screen and on Dynamic Island on the iPhone 14 Pro. Live Activity is a new type of interactive notification that can dynamically display real-time information from the app without needing to open the app directly.

Uber, for example, can display a Live Activity notification on the iOS 16‌ Lock Screen to show the car’s approximate arrival time. Sports apps can also take advantage of Live Activity to display match scores in real time.

On the latest iPhone 14 Pro‌ models, Live Activity is also integrated into Dynamic Island‌, which allows users to view real-time information from apps as they use their phone. Live Activity is also shown on the Lock Screen in always-on view mode. Once iOS 16.1 is released to the public, apps will start adopting support for Live Activities.

Redesigned Battery Indicator

battery ios 16 1 beta 2

Over the summer, Apple added a battery percentage indicator to the status bar for the iPhone with a notch. Early versions of the battery indicator included a battery icon that remained visually full, regardless of the actual charging of the iPhone‌. In iOS 16.1, Apple changed the behavior of the battery icon to accurately reflect the iPhone’s charge level when the percentage is displayed. iOS 16.1 also extends the battery indicator to more devices, including the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini.

Apple Fitness+ Only with iPhone

Apple Fitness Plus iPhone 14 Pro

Starting with iOS 16.1, iPhone users will be able to subscribe to and use Apple Fitness+ without needing an Apple Watch. Fitness+ is a subscription from Apple that provides a comprehensive catalog of videos and workout programs with various trainers. At launch, Apple Watch is required to use Fitness+ to display real-time metrics on the screen.

Clean Energy Charging Options

ios clean energy charging

In iOS 16.1, Apple has added a new Clean Energy Charging Option that selectively charges iPhone‌ when electricity with lower carbon emissions is available in an effort to provide a more environmentally friendly charging method. Apple says iPhone‌ will still be fully charged before it’s needed based on the user’s daily routine, and the feature can be turned off if desired.

Pre-Load In-App Content

iOS 16

iOS 16.1 adds a new switch for apps downloaded from the App Store that can automatically run newly downloaded apps in the background to download content before you launch them for the first time. The new switcher is meant to speed up users to start using the app immediately after downloading without waiting for the in-app content to load.


iOS 16.1 is the first major update to iOS 16, so as expected, some smaller but noteworthy changes and bug fixes are included in the update.

  • Redesigned Wallpapers section in Settings
  • Fixed Copy and Paste Commands
  • Includes base for Matter smart home standards and Emergency SOS via Satellite
  • Ability to delete the Wallet app

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