Explosive Enthusiasm, Qwords Participates in UNY Career Expo 2022

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UNY Career Expo 2022

Eril Obeit Choiri
Graduating with an IT degree, Eril falls in love with Digital Marketing especially with Search Engine Optimization and Content Writing.

September 30, 2022

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It has been more than two years since the pandemic, job seekers including fresh graduates have not found their dream job.

Graduations are increasing every year and information on job vacancies is difficult to access.

On the other hand, the company admits that it is difficult to find candidates who match the qualifications sought.

This is the special concern of Yogyakarta State University so that it holds a job fair event.

UNY Career Expo 2022

UNY Career Expo 2022 is an event held by Yogyakarta State University to facilitate alumni and job seekers to find careers in various industries.

This event was organized by Yogyakarta State University in collaboration with Level7 Indonesia.

The event will be held for two days starting from 28-29 September 2022 starting at 09.00 – 16.00 WIB located at the Yogyakarta State University Auditorium.

UNY Career Expo 2022 was attended by 29 companies from various industries, the number of visitors recorded in the presence was 2,182 people.

UNY Career Expo is a routine activity organized by the Career Development Center of Yogyakarta State University with the aim of being a facilitator between job seekers and companies that open job vacancies.

The main target of this event is that 70% of this event comes from fresh graduates and the rest are experienced.

Qwords Present at UNY Career Expo 2022

Qwords being one of the companies that attended the UNY Career Expo 2022 event, there were many vacancies opened.

Qwords places boot no. 11 in the middle lane, opposite booths no. 5 and 9.

Each company is given time by the committee to conduct a company presentation for 30 minutes on the main stage.

There is a screen projector in the center of the stage and two monitors on the left and right to make the presentation more interesting.

Jobseekers who attend can immediately register several job vacancies opened by Qwords via online, just fill in the data and include the latest CV.

Some job vacancies opened in Qwords such as:

  1. Billing Officer – YOG
  2. Business Development Manager – JKT/BDG/YOG
  3. Content Writer – YOG
  4. Copywriter – YOG
  5. Corporate Sales (IT) – JKT
  6. Customer Service (IT) – YOG
  7. Digital Marketing – YOG
  8. Email Marketing Specialist – YOG
  9. Finance & Accounting Staff – JKT
  10. Frontend Developer – YOG / BDG
  11. Full Stack Developer – YOG / BDG
  12. Graphic Designer – YOG
  13. Legal Staff
  14. Marketing Communication Staff – YOG
  15. Marketing & Relations Officer – JKT
  16. Marketing Staff – BDG
  17. Sales (ISP) – BDG
  18. Sales Manager – JKT
  19. SEO Specialist – YOG
  20. Social Media Specialist – YOG
  21. SPV Sales (ISP) – BDG
  22. Software Quality Assurance – BDG/YOG
  23. Tax Officer – JKT
  24. Technical Support (Linux) – JKT
  25. Technical Support (ISP) – BDG
  26. UI/UX Designer – BDG/YOG
  27. WordPress Web Developer – YOG

Puput Febrianti as Public Relations at Qwords said “the UNY Career Expo 2022 event has a lot of visitors.

Many jobseekers are interested in the vacancies in Qwords and send their applications.

We open vacancies not only in the IT field, but in several other fields.

During the second day of the event, the enthusiasm of the jobseekers was no less crowded than the first day.

Hopefully events like this can be held regularly because it makes it easier for us as a company to get many suitable candidates from one event.

On behalf of PT Qwords Company International, I thank the jobseekers who have stopped by and applied at our company.”

Thank you to those who participated in the success of the UNY Career Expo 2022.

For more information, please visit our website at Qwords.com.

Thank you

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