EcoFlow Delta 2 power station for mobile energy storage

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EcoFlow Delta 2 rear

Whether for camping or as energy storage for at home, power stations are enjoying great popularity, especially in current times. EcoFlow presented its new Delta 2 power station at the IFA 2022 in Berlin.

The power station offers various connection options, in addition to four Schuko plugs with a maximum output of 1,800W, there are also 2x USB-A (max. 12W per port), 2x USB-A Fast Charge (max. 18W per port), 2x USB-C (max. 100W per port), a car charger (max. 126W) and two DC5521 ports with max. 38W each. With its 1,800W output, most electrical devices can be used with it.

Lithium iron phosphate batteries are installed, as are also used in Tesla vehicles, which still offer at least 80% capacity after 3,000 charging cycles. There are also numerous security features.

With dimensions of 400 x 211 x 281 mm and a weight of 12 kg, the Delta 2 is still comparatively compact and easy to transport if you are traveling by camper and car, for example.

EcoFlow Delta 2 front

The power station is charged either at home at the socket with a maximum of 1,200W or via optionally available solar panels with a maximum of 500W. The solar panels would of course be the most sustainable solution here

I was able to take a look at the Powerstation at the IFA. She made a quality impression. Several devices were connected on site, including a drill, so the EcoFlow Delta 2 would certainly also be something for craftsmen who have to work in remote locations without access to electricity.

EcoFlow Delta 2 | price and availability

The EcoFlow Delta 2 Powerstation will be available from September 16, 2022 for 1,199 euros.

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