E-car drivers are asked to pay

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E-car drivers are asked to pay

With rising electricity prices, e-car drivers are facing unusually difficult times. Because not only is the average price at the charging station rising, offers for free electricity are also becoming rare. With Lidl, one of the last bastions for penny pinchers among e-car drivers is now falling.

E-car drivers have no chance: free charging is on the verge of extinction at Lidl and Kaufland

E-cars are cheaper to drive than combustion engines. This truism is increasingly being shaken, because the electricity prices at the charging station, as well as in the home, continue to rise. This not only makes each charging stop more expensive, but also makes it more difficult for providers of free charging to maintain their offer.

The Schwarz Group has now announced that free electricity will end in a few days. The company includes the discounter Lidl as well as the Kaufland supermarkets. Nice From Monday, September 12th, charging pigs at Kaufland and Lidl car parks will charge, if you want to recharge your electric car there (source: dpa via t-online).

Lease an e-car and collect a bonus of €6,000

Compared to other providers, you can still get away cheaply with Lidl and Kaufland: for classic AC charging up to one Charging power of 43 kW will be 29 cents per kilowatt hour required. DC charging – or fast charging – up to 149 kW should cost 48 cents. According to the companies, charging at individual locations can be even faster with 150 kW or more. For this you take 65 cents per kWh.

If you want to charge your electric car at Lidl, you usually need the Lidl Plus app:

Lidl Plus explains: This is how the app works

The money that Lidl and Kaufland will collect at the charging station in the future will be used to finance the maintenance of the charging network and further expansion. But it is also true that the skyrocketing electricity prices make it practically impossible to continue offering electricity for free from an economic point of view.

End of free electricity: Lidl is not alone

The competition has already come to the same conclusion: Aldi began discontinuing its free electricity offer in July. The trade research institute EHI had already found in a study in May that the number of free electricity providers for electric cars was declining. only 1 left5 percent of the providers still had free offers at all, and the trend continues to decrease. This significantly reduces the cost advantage of e-cars, which should actually make electric vehicles more attractive than combustion engines.

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