Drivers need to be aware of this problem

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Drivers need to be aware of this problem

Electric cars are increasingly outstripping combustion engines. This brings with it new challenges, especially for the drivers behind the wheel. Because an e-car often does not behave like a petrol or diesel engine. According to AXA insurance, this is noticeable in the event of accidents.

E-car power: Drivers must learn to master strong acceleration

Electric cars and combustion engines not only make a difference in the CO₂ balance. The driving behavior also differs significantly between petrol and diesel engines on the one hand and BEVs on the other. According to AXA insurance, the greatest accident risks in e-cars when accelerating. Here, electric cars offer significantly more power.

“Most electric cars, especially the powerful ones, have a very high torque, which is immediately noticeable when you tap the power pedal. It can therefore lead to a unwanted, jerky acceleration, which the driver can no longer control”says Michael Pfäffli, head of accident research at AXA Switzerland (source: AXA).

Lease an e-car and collect a bonus of €6,000

This can result in unwanted collisions and accidents. Such cases are more common in electric cars than in comparable combustion engines. This emerges from the accident statistics of AXA Switzerland. E-car drivers are said to cause 50 percent more collisions than drivers of combustion engines.

Anyway: The The danger for the occupants of electric cars should not increase, thanks to modern security systems. But the unusual driving behavior of electric cars can be expensive due to high repair costs. AXA recommends, if the software makes it possible, to reduce the sensitivity of the current pedal in e-cars, especially for those switching.

Giant SUVs: Safe for occupants, more dangerous for others

Another special feature of e-cars is also said to have a negative impact on accident statistics: not only with the SUV trend are cars getting larger and heavier on average. Electric cars are also often, mainly thanks to the battery heavier than a combustion engine counterpart. According to AXA, the average weight of vehicles has increased by 25 percent since 2000.

The problem: A high weight conveys security. The larger your own vehicle, the more drivers have to be considerate of others. If an accident occurs, the lighter vehicle is inferior.

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