Dreamlight Valley: Complete the Peacemaker quest

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To complete the Peacemaker quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you must prepare a Seafood Salad, a Seafood Platter, and a Fruit Salad. We’ll help you prepare these dishes, craft a paddle, and use it to reunite Maui and Moiana.

Ingredients for seafood salad and seafood platter

The fruit salad is one of the easiest dishes to make at Disney Dreamlight Valley. You learn how to cook it fairly early in the game. The two seafood dishes are different. You will need the following ingredients:

  • Fruit salad: Any fruit
  • Seefood salad: Any seafood, salad
  • Seafood Platter: 2 Any Seafood

Both dishes are 2-star dishes that only require two ingredients. But where do you find lettuce, what counts as seafood and where do you find it?

Once you’ve unlocked the Shiny Beach biome for 1,000 Dreamlight, you can collect shells on the beach. These mussels, whatever they are, are considered seafood. There are others, however, shells are the easiest to obtain.

To get lettuce quickly, you need to unlock Goofy’s vending booth in Peaceful Meadow. Here you can either buy the lettuce itself or buy the seeds to grow the lettuce. If you want to complete the Peacemaker mission quickly, we recommend buying 1x lettuce. You don’t need more for it.

Buy lettuce at Disney Dreamlight Valley
Lettuce is one of the two ingredients for the seafood salad. You can buy it very cheaply from Goofy in Peaceful Meadow (Image source: Screenshot giga.de)

For the fruit salad you can use any kind of fruit you can find in the village. So go to your kitchen, mix the ingredients as listed above and bring the finished dishes to Maui.

Make the Paddle for Maui

After you give Maui the food and then talk to Moiana, you realize that Maui is still mad. Next you need to craft a paddle and give it to him. For this you only need 10x softwood, which you can find everywhere on the main square.

Craft the paddle at the workbench and then bring it to Moiana. Next, you should follow Moiana and listen to her talk to Maui. Danger! If Moiana doesn’t go to Maui at this point, then you’ll have to be patient.

In the worst case, you might have to wait a day and then keep an eye out for the two. When they stand together and talk, you must quickly run and listen. You can’t force it.

You will then receive a leader shard that you should give to Moiana. This completes the Peacemaker mission. If you are still unsure, take a look at the following video our colleagues from spieletipps. They will help you complete the quest.

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