Disney Dreamlight Valley: Best Reels and Hangover Bonus

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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Best Reels and Hangover Bonus

Your friends in Disney Dreamlight Valley can do jobs for you, giving you a hang-up bonus. You can find out how to use it correctly and whether the assigned roles can be changed in our article.

Assign and change roles

If you play Disney Dreamlight Valley for a while, you will gradually unlock all the characters. There will be some more added over time through DLCs and this is very important for the reels and the hang bonus. But more on that later.

When you bring a character into your village, you have to befriend them and Reach friendship level 2. With this milestone you can assign him one of five roles:

  1. gardening
  2. fishing
  3. Mining
  4. Collect
  5. dig

And now comes the most important thing! You cannot assign another job to your friends afterwards. If you decide on a role, it stays that way. Since the game is currently still in the Early Access phase, this can of course change at any time. We don’t believe in it though, since the hang bonus is related to it. But what does that mean?

Let’s say you want to fish a lot of seaweed to make fiber and the friend via the conversation option let’s hang out take along who has been assigned fishing as a role. In this case, he will also fish.

The higher the friendship level with that character, the more seaweed (or fish) he catches for you. And that goes even further. The more characters in the village that have fishing assigned as a job and the higher their friendship level, the more seaweed and fish your friend will catch.

Mickey is acting out his role in Disney Dreamlight Valley
Here you can see the effects of the hang bonus when gardening. Mickey throws more veggies at us beyond what we collect ourselves (Image source: Screenshot giga.de)

Therefore the following assumption: If you could change the job at any time, you could assign all friends to the fishing role and thereby stack the hang bonus enormously. Whether that will ever be the case remains to be seen. In addition, there is no official information whether there is a max level for stacking the hang bonusso that at some point it no longer makes sense to assign a specific job to other friends.

Either way, from the first moment you should think about which roles are most important and therefore should be assigned to many characters. So that you can make this decision, we will give you a few tips along the way.

Tips on the jobs and the hang bonus

  • If you want to make a lot of money quickly, then this is the way to go gardening and mining particularly well. We therefore recommend that you assign at least 3 friends to each of these jobs.
  • You will need the other jobs above all if you need certain items such as clay or wood to complete missions. So don’t underestimate gathering, digging and fishing. At certain moments, you’ll be glad you gave your friends these roles too.
  • You should assigned at least one friend to each role to have. Then you distribute the characters first to mining and gardening and then to the remaining 3 jobs.
  • If you want to farm items that you get with a certain work, then you should always take a friend with youwho you have assigned this job to. This should then also best have a friendship level of 10.
  • Don’t fret if you don’t have enough friends assigned to a job. Enough DLCs and new characters will followto establish an equilibrium.
  • By the way, the animal companions do not bring you any bonuses and belong to the cosmetic items.

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