Disadvantages of cPanel Hosting that You Must Know

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Until now, cPanel is considered a control panel hosting a million people. However, what is the most popular is definitely the best?

Therefore, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of cPanel first. But don’t worry, you’re not in the wrong place! This time, we will review the advantages and disadvantages of cPanel in depth. You’re so curious, right?

Let’s take a look at the full article!

Benefits of cPanel

cPanel is a Linux-based hosting control panel software to manage the features provided by cheap hosting providers with a user-friendly interface.

Basically, the benefits of cPanel are not much different from other hosting control panel software . That is, it makes it easier for you to configure with regards to the following:

1. View Basic Hosting Information

With cPanel, you can find out basic information related to the hosting you rent. For example, to check the hosting IP provided by the hosting provider, or find out server information by looking at the Name Server in cPanel.

2. Create and Manage Email Accounts

Want to create an email with your own domain name, for example like hello@mydomain.com ?

Easy! cPanel allows you to create an email with a domain that you have registered, you know.

3. Manage and Backup Website Files

Another benefit of cPanel is to manage the files belonging to your website. With cPanel, you can practice uploading websites to hosting or accessing files remotely using the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) method.

Oh yes, cPanel also makes it easy for you to backup website files . This is a preventive measure, if at any time your files are accidentally deleted or damaged.

4. Create and Manage Database

cPanel provides a range of features to make it easier for you to manage your database. For example, such as creating a MySQL database , adding user accounts, to setting the access rights of each user.

5. Manage Domains and DNS

Not only databases, cPanel is also useful for managing things related to domains. Starting from adding Addon Domains , creating Subdomains , setting up Domain Parking or Aliases, and setting DNS in cPanel .

6. Installing Various Software

With cPanel, you install various software to simplify the website development process. Well, most of the software you can find via Softaculous App Installer .

That was a glimpse of the benefits of cPanel. Next, let’s get to know the advantages and disadvantages of cPanel!

Disadvantages of cPanel

What are the disadvantages of cPanel? Here’s the description:

1. Slightly Slow Performance

The first drawback of cPanel is that its performance is a bit slow. This is a consequence of hundreds of features crammed into the software.

Automatically, hosting resources for users will run out faster, because they have been used to install cPanel and its contents.

2. Confusing Some Users

The next lack of cPanel is also still related to features. The multitude of feature options for the same purpose may confuse some users.

Instead of making it easier because of the many choices, maybe you are confused yourself which feature to use, right?

3. Expensive Subscription Fee

As a paid software, the cost of renting cPanel is quite expensive. The cheapest variant is priced at $15.99 or the equivalent of Rp. 230 thousand per month.

Even so, if you buy hosting that is managed by a service provider, the cPanel rental price is usually cheaper because it includes the hosting subscription fee.

So, those are the advantages and disadvantages of cPanel. Eits, don’t go anywhere first because we still have one more information in the next point!

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